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Dinosaur Candy

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Dinosaur Lollipops: 12-Piece Box

…next trip to the museum. Though really, is there such thing as a wrong time for dinosaur lollipops? Again… probably not. Sucker Specifications- Candy Length: 2 Inches Total Length: 6 Inches Unit Price = $0.50/pop. Box contains 12 individually wrapped Dinosaur Lollipops. Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.



Haribo Gummi Dinosaurs Candy: 5LB Bag

…Stegosaurus Triceratops Colors - Flavors Blue - Black Currant Red - Strawberry Green - Melon Yellow - Banana Orange - Mango There are approximately 65 pieces per pound. T-Rex Height: 2 Inches Unit Price = $4.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Haribo Gummy Dinosaurs Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.



Jurassic Dinosaur DNA Rocks Candy Test Tubes: 24-Piece Box

…biology lab, attempting to replicate the stony landscapes once traversed by dinosaurs, top candy scientists stumbled upon an exciting new discovery... tiny nuggets that mutate in your saliva into fizzing, popping, crackling candy pieces! Way more delicious than the frog DNA from Jurassic Park, these…



Gummy Dinosaurs Candy: 100-Piece Jar

You'll discover the most delicious dinosaurs ever when you open this unique gift jar including gummy versions of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops! Each gummy dinosaur features a tender chew and a blend of fruity flavors not experienced since the Mesozoic era. Sure to…



Dinosaur Wonderball Milk Chocolate Balls Filled with Candy: 10-Piece Display

…an amazing surprise inside... candy dinosaurs! Crack into a ball to unleash a stampede of sweet prehistoric beasts upon your taste buds. Ball Diameter: 1.5 Inches Unit Price = $2.50/ball. Display box contains 10 Dinosaur WonderBall Milk Chocolate Balls Filled with Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.



Jurassic World Dinosaur PEZ Candy Packs: 12-Piece Display

Bred from prehistoric dinosaur DNA, these Jurassic World PEZ Candy dispensers make fun party favors and goody bag stuffers! Featuring all of your favorite scary dinosaurs from the movie starring Chris Pratt as the fearless dinosaur tamer, Jurassic Park PEZ are sure to surprise and delight!…



T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata

…really caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? Was it an asteroid? A massive volcano? An alien invasion, perhaps? Actually, none of the above. We have it on pretty good authority that the true reason dinos went extinct is because they were full of delicious candy. And honestly, who could refrain…



Triceratops Dinosaur Pinata

This ferocious three-horned Triceratops dinosaur pinata is perfect for kids parties and events! Dino Dimensions- Length: 19 1/2 Inches Height: 11 1/4 Inches Width: 7 Inches Note: Piñata does NOT include candy, so feel free to fill it with any treat of your choice! Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.



Giant Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg with Baby Dino Gift Box

…Jurassic Park of candy, crack open this giant hollow milk chocolate egg to reveal the delicious baby milk chocolate dino inside! The egg is wrapped in gold metallic foil and nestled in a cute gift box. Egg Dimensions (Inches): 5 x 3 Gift box contains 1 Giant Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg with Baby…



Big Gummy Dinosaurs Candy Packs: 24-Piece Display

…these delicious gummy dinosaurs featuring the designs of all your favorite thunder lizards! Assortment includes: Triceratops Pteranodon Stegosaurus Brontosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Length: 6 Inches Unit Price = $2.40/pack. Display box contains 24 Big Gummi Dinosaur Candy Packs, each with a…



Dino Doo Pooping Dinosaur Jelly Bean Dispensers: 10-Piece Display

Dino Doo Jurassic Droppings! Unit Price = $3.00/dispenser. Display box contains 10 Dino Doo Pooping Dinosaur Jelly Bean Dispensers. Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.



Dinosaur Roaring Candy Poopers: 2-Piece Set

…roar… and a couple of candy droppings while he’s at it! Just pick up the pieces, pop ‘em in your mouth, and munch away on that colorful candy dino dung! Yum. Unit Price = $7.50/pooper. Set contains 2 Dinosaur Roaring Candy Poopers, each with approximately 6 pieces of candy. Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.



Dinosaur Heads Plastic Eggs with Jelly Beans: 12-Piece Box

Maybe dinosaurs are NOT extinct after all!?! These ferocious dinosaur heads in an assortment of bright colors are sure to make a nice Easter surprise. Pull apart each plastic egg to find a sealed package of about 8 assorted flavor jelly beans. Egg Length: 3 Inches Unit Price = $1.65/egg. Display box…



Toy Story PEZ Candy Packs: 12-Piece Display

…sweet PEZ candies. Assortment includes four fun Pixar Toy Story character designs: Rex the Dinosaur Sheriff Woody the Cowboy Jessie the Cowgirl Buzz Lightyear Squeeze Toy Alien Unit Price = $1.65/pack. Display box contains 12 Toy Story PEZ Candy Dispenser Packs, each with 1 dispenser and 2 candy



Foiled Milk Chocolate Turtles: 36-Piece Display

…known turtle species lived around 220 million years ago, making them one of the oldest reptile groups to ever exist! And unlike those weakling dinosaurs, these guys are still thriving in today’s society. So let’s hear it for those prosperous, armored critters and celebrate their long existence in…


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