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Giant 10-Ounce Red & White Swirl Lollipop in Gift Box

Legend has it that these Yeti sized lollipops can only be found in the Arctic Permafrost of the North Pole. With resilience they survive the extreme elements to provide color amidst the miles and miles of frozen tundra. Reindeer, elves and polar bears are the only creatures to have tasted these…



Assorted Sassy Suckers Striped Ball Lollipops - Petite: 150-Piece Bag

…inclined to call them "Cheeky Chumps"). But don’t let their name fool you! The term "suckers" merely indicates that these delicious treats are lollipops by nature. We can guarantee they are not the least bit foolish! So when you’re craving some sweets with a little more sass, try these petite sassy…



Hypno Pops Petite Swirled Lollipops - Black Cherry: 100-Piece Bag

…Well, we can assure you that your suddenly growling stomach has as much to do with this hypnotic pattern as it does with the fact that these little lollipops look just as delicious as they taste! No gimmicks or magic necessary. Almost as if you’ve stepped right into the Twilight Zone, these mystical…



Squiggly Pops Petite Swirled Lollipops - Assorted: 24-Piece Jar

…Assorted Flavors: Lime Lemon Blue Raspberry Strawberry Orange Grape Sucker Specifications- Net Weight: 0.44 Ounce Diameter: 1.375 Inch Total Length: 3.5 Inches Unit Price = $0.25/pop. Jar contains 24 individually wrapped Assorted Squiggly Pops Petite Swirled Lollipops. Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.



Cherry Sassy Suckers Black Striped Ball Lollipops - Petite: 400-Piece Bag

…perfect fruity treat to distract you while you wait! Sucker Specifications- Net Weight: 5 Grams Diameter: 0.5 Inches Total Length: 2.5 Inches Flavor: Black Cherry Unit Price = $0.07/pop. Bag contains 400 individually wrapped Black Sassy Suckers Petite Striped Ball Lollipops. Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.



Train Lollipops: 12-Piece Box

…model trains, these colorful pops are sure to be the hit of the party. All ABOARD! Next stop is Grand Sweet Station. Sucker Specifications- Candy Length: 1.75 Inches Total Length: 6.25 Inches Unit Price = $0.50/pop. Box contains 12 individually wrapped Train Lollipops. Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.



Emoji Frosted Lollipops: 12-Piece Box

With so many emotions to express, don't forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of little lollipops now and then. Case in point, these silly emoji pops featuring a delicious pineapple flavor. Perfect for goodie bags at birthday parties and other celebrations, each hard candy sucker is wrapped to seal…



Soccer Ball Hard Candy Lollipops: 12-Piece Pack

Delicious hard candy lollipops featuring a fun soccer ball design created with decorative icing. Perfect for soccer events or World Cup parties! Lollipop Diameter: 3 Inches Unit Price = $3.30/pop. Pack includes 12 Soccer Balls Hard Candy Lollipops. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs. Kosher…



Assorted Surfboard Hard Candy Lollipops: 12-Piece Pack

Surf's up Dude! Whether you're a fan of Gidget, The Endless Summer, or Point Break, these fun hard candy surfboards are sure to be a hit at your beach-themed wedding or luau. Almost as awesome as carving up a gnarly barrel wave at the North Shore, your taste buds will "pop-up" on these bodacious…



Mega Lollipops Giant Suckers: 6-Piece Display

…sky, these giant lollipops are impressive and full of 24 fruity suckers! The perfect center pieces for birthday parties and other celebrations, mega lollipops are sure to surprise and delight when they discover the full bounty of candy hidden inside. Simply unwrap the giant lollipop and crack open…



Saf-T-Pops Lollipops - Patriotic: 5LB Bag

Classic suckers with safety loop handles for children who might poke themselves in the eye with a normal lollipop stick, Patriotic USA Saf-T-Pops are great for tossing from floats at parades for Memorial Day, July 4th, and other patriotic holidays and events. Saf-T-Pops in USA red, white, and blue…



Saf-T-Pops Lollipops - Swirled: 25LB Case

…includes four fabulous flavors: Blueberry & Vanilla Strawberry & Vanilla Orange & Vanilla Cherry & Vanilla There are approximately 40 pieces per pound. Unit Price = $5.00/lb. Case contains 25 pounds of wrapped Swirl Saf-T-Pops Lollipops. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 26 lbs.



Tiny Fruit Lollipops Assortment: 5LB Bag

Fun round lollipops in an assortment of 5 fruity colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, and Green. The perfect give-away treat! There are approximately 85 pieces per pound. Sucker Diameter: 3/4 Inch Unit Price = $3.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Tiny Assorted Fruit Lollipops. Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.



Chupa Chups Lollipops Assortment: 1000-Piece Case

Lollipops are fortified with calcium and vitamins A & D. Creamy flavors may include Strawberries & Cream, Peach Yogurt, Choco-Vanilla, and Strawberry Yogurt. Fruit flavors may include Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon, and Cherry. This bulk pack may include creamy lollipops, fruit lollipops, or…



Barnier French Fruit Lollipops Assortment: 10-Piece Bag

On par with the masterpieces at the Louvre, these gourmet hard candy lollipops are sweet works of art that would make Matisse himself proud. Indulge your craving for fine French cuisine with these uniquely shaped suckers featuring an assortment of five fabulous flavors: Lemon, Orange, Strawberry,…



Dice Lollipops - Assorted: 24-Piece Box

Giant dice lollipops in bright colors and fabulous fruity flavors....your taste buds just got lucky! These unique lollipops are perfect for any occasion...poker nights, Vegas-themed weddings, corporate events, Bunco parties, or anyone in your life who just likes to take a gamble. These six-sided,…



Saf-T-Pops Lollipops - Thank You: 200-Piece Box

Say "Thank You" with sweets! These assorted fruit lollipops with looping safety handles to prevent choking have the words "THANK YOU" printed on every wrapper. Letters and numbers on are designed into the pops.... they are tasty and educational! Assortment includes 6 fabulous flavors: Cherry Grape…



Dice Lollipops - Red: 24-Piece Box

Giant bright red dice lollipops with a fabulous cherry flavor....your taste buds just got lucky! These unique lollipops are perfect for any occasion...poker nights, Vegas-themed weddings, corporate events, Bunco parties, or anyone in your life who just likes to take a gamble. Dice Dimensions…



Dice Lollipops - White: 24-Piece Box

Giant white dice lollipops with a fabulous pina colada flavor...your taste buds just got lucky! These unique lollipops are perfect for any occasion...poker nights, Vegas-themed weddings, corporate events, Bunco parties, or anyone in your life who just likes to take a gamble. Dice Dimensions…



Slaps Lollipops - Tropical: 10-Piece Bag

…hair, and with a lot more appetizing flavor, these lollipops are stretched to their ends with vibrant colors like tamarind blue, watermelon red, mango yellow, and green apple. The best part is that, like the slap of a beaver’s tail, these lollipops are just as flexible. Bend them as you please into…


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