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Rainbow Candy

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Rainbow Candy Bar Table Assortment

Brighten-up your next event with our colorful Rainbow Candy Buffet Assortment. Complete with all the candy you need to set up a beautiful buffet, you need to supply just the jars, scoops, and bags. It contains 7 different delicious types of candies that have your guests marveling in awe of the…



Rainbow Candy Stick Straws: 48-Piece Box

…in this bulk box you can stay in delicious La La Land or add them to your candy buffet. Stick Specifications- Length: 5.5 Inches Diameter: 0.5 Inch Flavor: Cherry Unit Price = $0.60/straw. Box contains 48 Rainbow Candy Stick Straws. Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs. DISCLAIMER: Due to circumstances outside…



Licorice Wheels Two-Faced Rainbow Candy: 1KG Bag

…need to resort to pocket change to solve those "either/or" dilemmas. It’s a snack and a problem solver all in one! There are about 50 licorice wheels per pound. Wheel Diameter: 2 Inches Bag contains 1 kilogram (~2.2 pounds) of Licorice Wheels Two-Sided Candy. Made in Spain. Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.



Rainbow Candy Coated Popcorn - Fruit Assortment: 1-Gallon Bag

…fluffy popcorn is coated with a thin layer of hard candy in an rainbow assortment of fruit flavors! Assortment includes five fabulous flavors: Lemon Green Apple Blue Raspberry Strawberry Grape Resealable bag contains 1 gallon of Rainbow Candy Coated Popcorn (about the size of a gallon of milk).…



Rainbow Candy Buffet Kit: 25 to 50 Guests

…our Candy Buffet Kit. It comes complete with a variety of pre-selected rainbow hued sweets, containers, bags, tongs, and scoops. So all you have to do is set up shop and let up to 50 friends experience rainbows the way they were meant to be: up close and personal. And if you’re imagining the rainbow



Cherry Rainbow Hard Candy Sticks: 100-Piece Box

…bursts from these gourmet hard candy sticks featuring a rainbow of twirled colors! Stick Specifications- Net Weight: 0.75 Ounce Length: 7 Inches Diameter: 3/8 Inch Unit Price = $0.50/stick. Box contains 100 individually wrapped Cherry Rainbow Circus Sticks Hard Candy Sticks. Made in the USA.…



Rainbow Coconut Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box

…this one-of-a-kind candy. And if you've never had it before, try one and find out why so many of our customers call Rainbow Coconut an addiction! Bar Dimensions- Length: 4 Inches Width: 2 Inches Thickness: 3/8 Inch Unit Price = $1.50/bar. Display box contains 24 Rainbow Coconut Candy Bars, each with…



Rainbow Nerds Rope Candy Packs: 24-Piece Box

…encased with fruity Nerds in a rainbow of bright colors! The Nerds Rainbow Assortment includes five fabulous flavors: Grape Orange Lemon Watermelon Strawberry Rope Length: 12 Inches Unit Price = $1.25/rope. Display box contains 24 packs of Rainbow Nerds Rope Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight…



Jumbo Rainbow Sticks Hard Candy: 52-Piece Jar

Bright and colorful like a vibrant rainbow after a fresh spring rain shower, these delicious hard candy sticks feature a fabulous cherry flavor sure to deliver sweet satisfaction! Each stick is wrapped, making them perfect for stocking your favorite candy jar at the office or at home. Stick…



Sour Power Rainbow Mini Candy Belts: 2LB Bag

…Each belt includes rainbow stripes of four fabulous flavors: Strawberry Apple Tutti-Fruitti Blue Raspberry There are approximately 100 pieces per pound. Belt Dimensions (Inches): 1 x 3/4 Unit Price = $7.50/lb. Bag contains 2 pounds of Sour Power Rainbow Mini Belts Candy. Made in Holland. Shipping…



Rainbow Cherry Candy Barber Poles with Handles: 12-Piece Box

…every color of the rainbow. Each delicious, colorful stick is equipped with a unique handle in assorted hues to keep the lick-able confection stylish and mess free! Pole Dimensions- Length: 8.5 Inches Diameter: 0.75 Inch Unit Price = $3.00/pole. Box contains 12 Rainbow Cherry Candy Barber Poles with…



Rainbow Vortex Wheels Hard Candy: 5LB Bag

…Forceful cherry flavor creates a vortex rainbow, whirling around itself before mysteriously settling into small hard candy discs. Appearing calm in its stiff candy form, you pop one into your mouth and suddenly something magical occurs: the succulent candy creates an ocean of flavor in your mouth.…



Rainbow Crunch Gummy Bears Candy: 3KG Bag

…crunch, your taste buds will tell you, "Rainbow Bathing is so necessary!" There are approximately 70 pieces per pound. Bear Height: 1.25 Inches Unit Price = $11.90/kg. (~$5.40/lb.) Bag contains 3 kilograms (about 6.6 pounds) of Rainbow Crunch Gummy Bears Candy. Made in Spain. Shipping Weight ~ 7…



Rainbow Confetti Rock Candy Crystals Mix: 1LB Jar

Tiny rock candy crystals in a rainbow assortment blend perfect for toppings at candy bars or frozen yogurt stands. Each bitty crystal features its own fruity flavor, creating a unique flavor profile in every bite. Plus their bright spectrum of colors will look great as toppers for cupcakes and other…



Mentos Rainbow Chewy Mints Candy Rolls: 15-Piece Box

Delicious chewy mints featuring a rainbow assortment of fruity flavors: Watermelon Cherry Orange Raspberry Grape Pineapple Strawberry Unit Price = $1.25/roll. Display box contains 15 Mentos Rainbow Chewy Mints Candy Rolls, each with 14 pieces. Made in Brazil. Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lb.



Hershey Kisses Foiled Milk Chocolate Candy Rainbow Assortment: 400-Piece Bag

…drops wrapped in metallic foils with a white paper plume streaming out of the top are perfect for filling your favorite candy dish at the home or office. Designing a colorful candy bar for a wedding or other special occasion? Hershey Kisses in a medley of bright colors are sure to add festive flair…



Rainbow Licorice Laces CrEATables Candy Strings: 2LB Bag

…And the candy is not sticky, so it won't ruin carpet or clothing! It's the hottest trend in Europe right now.... what more do we need to say?!? Europeans are cool. There are approximately 50 strands per pound. Strand Length: 36 Inches Unit Price = $6.25/lb. Bag contains 2 pounds of Rainbow Licorice…



Hard Candy Twists - Rainbow Cherry: 5LB Bag

…favorite candy dish with these perfectly portioned rainbow candy nuggets sure to cure any sweet craving with long-lasting cherry goodness. There are approximately 70 pieces per pound. Candy Length: 1 Inch Unit Price = $4.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Rainbow Cherry Twists Hard Candy. Made in the…



Scalloped Paper Candy Cups - Rainbow Chevron: 24-Piece Pack

…party-ready candy cups! Each four-ounce cup holds the perfect amount of sweets for snacking and fits neatly in small hands, making them ideal both for abetting candy buffet grazers and divvying up a suitable snack size of candy for kids. These miniature candy heroes even come in a pretty rainbow



AirHeads Xtremes Sourfuls Candy Packs - Rainbow Berry: 12-Piece Box

…permeates the entire piece, delivering complete sour satisfaction. Stock your candy dish or grab a bag for on the go snacking. Unit Price = $2.50/pack. Box contains 12 Rainbow Berry AirHeads Xtremes Sourfuls Candy Packs, each with a net weight of 6 ounces. Made in Italy. Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.


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