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M&M's Milk Chocolate Candy - Aqua

A party planner’s fairytale fantasy, these Aqua M&M’s are exactly the color of a mermaid’s scales, or a blue dragon’s wing (that’s somewhere between blue and green to us humans), and that makes them the perfect treasure for filling any real-life chalice or candy dish with shimmering,…



Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - Light Blue

Swizzle stick? Center piece? Prop for miniature sword fights? These rock candy crystal sticks can be anything you desire them to be! Plus, single color collections are perfect for occasions when you need to match a specific color scheme as well as those times you’re merely seeking to appease a…



Blue Candy Bar Table Assortment

Looking for unique decorations for your next get-together? Planning to provide a whole assembly of snacks for your guests? Either way, there are a million reasons to include a beautiful blue candy buffet at your party! (For instance, this candy display would be perfect for hosting a baby shower,…



Solid Color 16-Inch Fashion Balloons - Tropical Teal: 5-Piece Set

…all for blowing things out of proportion, because large portions of excitement never hurt anyone, especially when they come in beautiful tropical teal balloons. Make an even bigger deal out of a baby shower, wedding, or birthday with this five-piece set. Not only will your balloons float high in the…



Swipple Pops Petite Swirl Ripple Lollipops - Blue Raspberry: 60-Piece Tub

Perfect for a baby shower, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, or National Raspberry Cream Pie Day (an official holiday celebrated every August 1st), these vibrantly hued, blue-striped miniature lollipops are bursting with sparkling raspberry flavor, and are perfect for sharing and decorating alike. Just…



Sour Gummy Sharks Candy: 100-Piece Jar

…Channel, and now shark candies! Presented here is a cute jar stuffed full of delicious gummy sharks in various sour fruit flavors and shades of teal and blue. Unlike real sharks, these tasty morsels are chewy and delicious, making them a nice gift for any shark lover with a sweet tooth. One last…



Solid Color 11-Inch Fashion Balloons - Tropical Teal: 5-Piece Set

…all for blowing things out of proportion, because large portions of excitement never hurt anyone, especially when they come in beautiful tropical teal hued balloons. Make an even bigger deal out of a baby shower, wedding, or birthday with this five-piece set. Not only will your balloons float high…



Hershey Kisses Color Combo - Dark Blue and Orange: 800-Piece Box

Cheer on your company, school, or church with candy colors that match your logo. Deep blue and orange Hershey Kisses will resonate with everyone in your organization. Perfect for graduation parties, baby showers, or any blue-and-orange-themed event, let everyone pucker up to a tasty cocoa kiss. Box…



Tesla's Tiny Twist Pops - Blue Raspberry: 48-Piece Jar

Take all of your happiest thoughts, your hopes and dreams, your favorite memories and most blissful fantasies, and wrap them around a lollipop stick; you’ll have one of Tesla’s Tiny Twist Pops. Made from real happiness, they’re packed with vibrant raspberry flavor that’ll make your mouth water, and…



Blue Cotton Candy 1-Ounce Packs - Blueberry: 5-Piece Bag

One bite of these puffy cumulus clouds of sugar floss, blueberry flavored blue cotton candy, will have your taste buds floating on cloud nine! Hosting a baby shower or other event with a blue color theme? These packs of all blue cotton candy make the perfect party favors. Or fill a glass jar with…



Squiggly Pops Petite Swirl Lollipops - Blue Raspberry: 24-Piece Jar

"Squiggle" is the name given to the shape nonsensical writing takes when it’s been done in a hurry… or by a two-year-old. It is also the term given to these teeny lollipops -- which happen to look like they’ve been scribbled upon by a two-year-old, come to think of it! Charming blue squiggles in…



M&M's Milk Chocolate Candy - Teal

Classic milk chocolate M&M's candies featured in teal colored candy shells. Create a candy bowl to match an event color scheme! There are about 500 pieces per pound. Choose between two pack sizes: 2-Pound Bag 5-Pound Bag Made in the USA. Kosher Certified.



Blue Candy Buffet Kit: 25 to 50 Guests

One click and you're done! Don’t you wish your candy buffet could look just like the pictures? Well now it can, with this complete candy buffet kit in shades of mesmerizing blue. Eight varieties of our most popular treats have been selected to fill the included candy bowls perfectly, just like the…



Foiled Milk Chocolate Hearts - Tiffany Blue: 2LB Bag

Delicious all natural milk chocolate hearts wrapped in elegant Italian foils of a Tiffany blue color. There are approximately 54 pieces per pound. Heart Width: 1 1/4 Inch Unit Price = $12.40/lb. Bag contains 2 pounds of Tiffany Blue Foiled Milk Chocolate Hearts Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping…



Blueberry Sassy Spheres Blue Striped Candy Balls: 5LB Bag

Expertly curving outward from swirly points on either side, lines that wrap across each individually wrapped blue Sassy Sphere make these delightful sweets look like striped balloons inflated to full capacity like the ones you see at the circus and county fair. Plucky and adorable, these vibrant…



Cube Pops - Cotton Candy: 100-Piece Tub

Can’t get enough of right angles? Love yourself some six-sided prisms? Well stop pining over unrequited geometrical affection and grab a tub of these cube-shaped lollipops! Featuring the delightful taste of cotton candy, these light blue suckers are made by hand to ensure that each batch comes out…



Blue Sour Gummy Cola Bottles: 1KG Bag

The greatest thing to come along since gummy cola bottles hit our shelves is the amalgamation of three of our favorite sweet treats: sour blue raspberry flavor, chewy gummies, and sugary soda flavor! Like three snacks in one, Blue Sour Gummy Cola Bottles is a mouthful to say, but infinitely easier…



Paper 7.75-Inch Drinking Straws - Robin Egg Blue Chevron Stripes: 25-Piece Pack

…people used the mechanism merely to sip beverages, we think straws are also an ideal decorative addition to any candy display! Couple these classy, teal green chevron striped straws with coordinated candy colors and patterns to create an eye-catching buffet for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, or…



Hershey Kisses Dark Blue Foiled Milk Chocolate Candy: 400-Piece Bag

Deep blue like the veil of the Tuareg or stripes found on our star spangled banner, the color of these blue foiled Hershey kisses will resonate with just about everyone. And if the tranquil hue doesn’t do the trick, what it’s holding definitely will because the dense, creamy milk chocolate inside is…



Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures - Light Blue: 200-Piece Bag

Turn any ordinary party into something extraordinary with the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter! REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures are now wrapped in a delightfully refreshing blue foil making it the perfect addition to any party, dessert, and home décor spread. From candy…


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