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Bazooka Gum - Original: 1LB Jar

…the funny brass-wind musical instrument with the crazy sounds, Bazooka Gum is a classic chewing delight from the Brooklyn, New York-based Topps Company. An instant favorite in America when it was introduced after World War II, Bazooka's appearance in candy aisles boosted citizens' already strong…



Bazooka Bubble Gum - Original: 225-Piece Tub

Get familiar with Bazooka Joe and the gang when you indulge in this tub of Bazooka Bubble Gum. Since they’re sweet and delicious, the soft, pink, rectangular chews will keep your palate -- and your mind -- busy because they’re individually wrapped with comic strips. And if 225 pieces sounds like too…



Green Gummy Army Men: 5LB Bag

…green apple gummy soldiers... "Bazooka" Bob, "Forrest Fight" Steve, "GI" Johnny, "Sniper" Scott, and "Rifleman" Rich! Ready to battle the boring doldrums of the plain old gummy bear, Gummi Army Men feature an assortment of green soldier designs with bazookas, rifles, and various other high-powered…



Bazooka Soft Bubblegum 10-Piece Packs: 12-Piece Box

Days can be long and nights short, but you can shoot down the mundane moments with a pocket full of Bazookas. The idea sounds crazy, but it’s far from ludicrous since these bazookas are rockets full of flavor and fun, not destruction. Simply remove one of the red or blue wrappers indicating original…



Baby Bottle Pops: 18-Piece Box

Bring out the Baby in You with Baby Bottle Pop, in loads of delicious flavors! Original comes in Cherry, Watermelon, Sour Blue Raspberry, OR try Rainbow Sherbet, Berry Blast, Strawberry/Watermelon, and Tropical Punch - they're Twisted. For a fun surprise, try a Mystery Baby Bottle Pop with color…



Baby Bottle Pop Rattlerz Candy: 14-Piece Box

Adulthood is a drag what with all the work and responsibility. Sometimes you want to just cash it all in, eat a banana puree out of a jar and fall asleep contemplating a mobile of your favorite cartoon characters. Baby Bottle Pop Rattlerz are the perfect complement to your new lifestyle choice.…



Baby Bottle Pop 2D-Max Candy: 18-Piece Box

Unleash your inner baby with 2D-Max Baby Bottle Pops! Lick the hard candy pacifier atop this tasty treat. Then dip into either tangy sour powder from compartment #2 or sweet candy pebbles from compartment #3. Available in four addicting flavors: Blue Raspberry Watermelon Berry Bonanza Strawberry…



Juicy Drop Pops Candy: 24-Piece Box

Great tasting lollipops with INTENSE flavor boosting drops for an extreme sensation. Squeeze on one drop for some sick flavor. Squeeze on a stream of liquid & Whoaaa - your taste buds are in for the ride of their lives! Juicy Drop Pops are portable & resealable, allowing you to take it with…



Juicy Drop Taffy Candy Packs: 16-Piece Box

See just how far you can stretch the limits of candy and art with Juicy Drop Taffy. Start with a blank canvas of sweet chewy taffy, apply a squeeze of colorful sour candy gel, and create a mixed media masterpiece inside your mouth. Assortment includes two mouthwatering flavors: Knock-Out Punch Blue…



Matchems Gummies Interlocking Candy Packs: 16-Piece Box

Remember your color wheel principles? Red and Yellow make Orange. Blue and Red make Purple. Yellow and Blue make Green! Matchems interlocking building block gummies offer a similar concept with flavor combinations. Mix and match different shapes and colors to create your very own fruit blends. Make…



Bazooka Bubble Gum - Assorted: 275-Piece Tub

Classic Bazooka Bubble Gum in assorted flavors featuring Bazooka Joe comics inside every wrapper. Assortment includes 3 fabulous flavors: Original, Strawberry, and Tropical. Unit Price = $0.10/piece. Tub contains 275 pieces of Assorted Bazooka Bubblegum. Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.



Easter Candy Push Pops: 24-Piece Display

Delicious fruity Push Pops in an assortment of three fabulous flavors: Blue Raspberry Strawberry Watermelon Push Pop Topper Height: 3 Inches Unit Price = $1.00/pop. Display box contains 24 Easter Candy Push Pops. Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.



Christmas Baby Bottle Pops: 20-Piece Box

Baby yourself this Christmas with these yummy pops. First lick the deliciously swirled candy pacifier. Then dip into the tangy sour powder inside the bottle. Finally, make your way through the candy powder to discover the true treat, a message from the man himself, Santa Claus! Assortment comes in…


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