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Blue Raspberry Bottles

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Blue Sour Gummy Cola Bottles: 1KG Bag

…greatest thing to come along since gummy cola bottles hit our shelves is the amalgamation of three of our favorite sweet treats: sour blue raspberry flavor, chewy gummies, and sugary soda flavor! Like three snacks in one, Blue Sour Gummy Cola Bottles is a mouthful to say, but infinitely easier to…



Pucker Powder - Blue Raspberry: 9-Ounce Bottle

Blue candy powder with a fabulous sour blue raspberry flavor that will make you pucker with delight! Bottle Dimensions (Inches): 5 x 3 3/4 x 2 Bottle contains 9 ounces of Blue Sour Fruit Punch Pucker Powder. Shipping Weight ~ 3/4 lb.



Cry Baby Sour Wax Bottles Candy 5-Packs: 18-Piece Box

…sweat, these fun wax bottles are filled with perky liquid candy! Display contains 18 packs each with 5 bottles that are wrapped for freshness. Assortment includes five sour fruit flavors: Lectric Lime Overload Orange Lightning Lemon Chargin' Cherry Blastin' Blue Raspberry Bottle Height: 2 1/2 Inches…



Baby Bottle Pop 2D-Max Candy: 18-Piece Box

…Baby Bottle Pops! Lick the hard candy pacifier atop this tasty treat. Then dip into either tangy sour powder from compartment #2 or sweet candy pebbles from compartment #3. Available in four addicting flavors: Blue Raspberry Watermelon Berry Bonanza Strawberry Watermelon Strawberry Overload Bottle



Baby Bottle Pops: 18-Piece Box

…the Baby in You with Baby Bottle Pop, in loads of delicious flavors! Original comes in Cherry, Watermelon, Sour Blue Raspberry, OR try Rainbow Sherbet, Berry Blast, Strawberry/Watermelon, and Tropical Punch - they're Twisted. For a fun surprise, try a Mystery Baby Bottle Pop with color changing…



ICEE Squeeze Candy Tubes: 12-Piece Display

…straight into your mouth from one of the ICEE tubes to delight in all the ICEE goodness without the fear of a brain-freeze! Flavors include: Blue Raspberry Cherry Unit Price = $2.00/tube. Display box contains 12 ICEE Squeeze Candy Tubes, each with a net weight of 2.1 ounces. Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.



ICEE Squeeze Candy Packs: 144-Piece Case

…from one of the ICEE individual packets to delight in all the ICEE goodness without the fear of a brain-freeze! Flavor assortment includes: Blue Raspberry Cherry Green Apple Packet Dimensions (Inches): 1.5 x 2.75 Unit Price = $0.20/packet. Case contains 144 ICEE Squeeze Candy Packs, each with a…



WarHeads Extreme Sour Candy Spray Bottles: 12-Piece Display

Super sour spray that tingles your tongue with fruity flavors! Assortment includes four fabulous flavors: Apple Grape Strawberry Blue Raspberry Unit Price = $2.00/bottle. Display box contains 12 Mega WarHeads Extreme Sour Spray Bottles. Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs.



Sour Blast Candy Spray Grenade Dispensers: 12-Piece Box

…fruit flavors and shaped like mini grenades, each bottle is equipped with a nozzle and perfectly suited to spray the tangy liquid candy straight into your mouth! Sour Blast Candy Sprays: they’re explosively awesome. Assorted Flavors: Blue Raspberry Shock Grape Burst Strawberry Awe Dispenser Height:…


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