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Bobs Sweet Stripe

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Bob's Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermints: 350-Piece Tub

Succulent Sweet Stripes soft mint candies melt on your tongue and spread refreshing peppermint flavors all around your mouth! These white and red striped mints are the perfect pick-me-up any time of day. An American classic! Unit Price = $0.05/piece. Tub contains 350 wrapped Bob's Sweet Stripes Soft…



Black & White Peppermint Hard Candy Sticks: 100-Piece Box

A CandyWarehouse.com EXCLUSIVE! If Bob Fosse was a candy confectioner in the 60’s instead of an iconic choreographer, we’re sure his realization of The Rich Man’s Frug would be a delicious candy cane of twirling black and white stripes that perform a dance of fresh minty flavor. Alas, he wasn’t a…



Bob's Sweet Stripes Chocolate Mint Soft Candy Sticks Bundles: 20-Piece Display

When you get a hold of this bundle of Bob’s Sweet Stripes, you’ll be prone to stick your nose in the air. But it won’t be because you’ve turned into a haughty individual. It will be because you’ll be consumed by the mint chocolate aroma wafting from these sticks in shades of cocoa, dark brown, and…



Bob's Traditional Red & White Peppermint Candy Canes: 96-Piece Pail

Have you ever wished for buckets full of candy? Well, make those sweet dreams come true this Christmas with a pail simply brimming with delicious candy canes! Two tiers of the traditional striped favorites are packed into a festive tub, waiting to spread the holiday cheer with their peppermint…



Bob's Sweet Stripes Wintergreen Soft Candy Balls: 50-Piece Bag

…and Chocolate Mint candies available for your enjoyment. Now you take pride in sharing the magical experience of Bob’s Sweet Striped Wintery Mix with others. Unit Price = $0.08/piece. Bag contains 50 Bob's Sweet Stripes Winter Mix Soft Candy Balls. Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb. Kosher Certified.



Bob's Sweet Stripes Mint Soft Candy Sticks Bundles: 20-Piece Display

…you say holy-cow-I’m-already-done-wrapping-goodies-for-all-the-neighbors-I-must-have-superpowers. Unit Price = $1.65/bundle. Display box contains 20 Bob's Sweet Stripes Mint Soft Candy Stick Bundles, each with a net weight of 5 ounces (about 10 sticks). Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs. Kosher Certified.



Bob's Cherry Lumps Hard Candy: 100-Piece Box

Red, yellow, green, blue, and white, these striped lumps remind us of a circus tent! But don’t let their clownish appearance fool you -- each oversized hard candy bears the taste of sweet, sweet cherry! Measuring in at 1.5 inches a piece, it’s easy to see why these treats have been appointed the…


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