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Nestle Assorted Miniatures Candy Bars: 100-Piece Bag

…of a wacky candy scientist who accidentally puts his shrink ray to use on an assortment of Nestle candy bars, turning the Crunch Bar, the Butterfinger Bar, the Milk Chocolate Bar, and the Baby Ruth Bar into tiny versions of their former selves. But don’t worry. All ends well when the crunchy,…



Butterfinger Jingles Chocolate Bells: 10-Ounce Bag

Ring in the season with crispity, crunchity, peanut buttery Butterfinger jingle bells chocolates. The festive wrappers make them ideal for the Christmas candy bowl. Bag contains 10 ounces of Butterfinger Jingles Chocolate Bells Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 3/4 lb. Kosher Certified.



Nestle Chocolate and Sugar Bulk Candy Assortment: 325-Piece Bag

…bars and sweet candy packs of the most popular brands from Nestle! Assortment includes: Butterfinger Nestle Crunch Gobstoppers Nerds - Strawberry and Grape Unit Price = $0.10/piece. Bag contains 325 packs of Nestle Chocolate and Sugar Bulk Candy Assortment. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 7 lbs.



Nestle Assorted Chocolate Minis - Autumn: 50-Piece Bag

…invented Butterfinger and Baby Ruth took to the skies above various cities in America and dropped candy bars from airplanes to promote the brands. Imagine your grandparents' surprise when their noggins got knocked with chocolate bars. Today Nestle serves up your favorites miniatures of Butterfinger,



Nestle Halloween Candy Assortment: 285-Piece Bag

…whole lot easier by getting rid of the workload with this convenient bulk bag of candy. Isn’t that sweet of them? Assortment includes mini versions of these classic candy favorites: Nerds Gobstoppers Nestle Crunch Bars Butterfinger Bars Unit Price = $0.15/piece. Bag contains 285 Mini Packs of Nestle…



Nestle Halloween Candy Assortment: 130-Piece Bag

…been shrunk into snack size portions! Make these available during Halloween and you're sure to please any crowd! Assortment includes: Baby Ruth Bars Runts Packs Butterfinger Bars Gobstopper Packs Unit Price = $0.15/piece. Bag contains 130 packs of Nestlé & Wonka Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.



Butterfinger Hearts Candy: 30-Piece Bag

Everyone's favorite crispity, crunchity, peanut-buttery candy, in the shape of a heart, makes a perfect Valentine's Day treat for you or your sweetheart. Heart Width: 1.25 Inches Unit Price = $0.20/heart. Bag contains 30 wrapped Butterfinger Hearts Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb. Kosher Certified.



Crushed Butterfinger Candy Bars: 3LB Bag

Yummy classic Butterfinger Candy Bars smashed into chunks that make the perfect ice cream topping! Bag contains 3 pounds of Crushed Butter Finger Candy Bars. Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.



Wrapped Bulk Candy Assortment: 6LB Bag

Snack size and miniature size bulk candy in an assortment of popular brands, such as: Black Forest Organic Lollipops Jolly Ranchers Trolli Gummi Sour Brite Crawlers Tangy Zangy Chewy Twists Gobstoppers Butterfinger Twizzlers Spree Nestle Crunch Laffy Taffy SweeTarts 3 Musketeers Twix Snickers Nerds…



Minis Chocolate Candy Assortment: 240-Piece Bag

All your favorite miniature candy bars in a bulk mix! Assortment includes 6 yummy treats: Snickers Bars Milky Way Bars Butterfinger Bars 3 Musketeers Bars Milky Way Midnight Bars Baby Ruth Bars Unit Price = $0.10/piece. Bag contains 240 assorted Miniature Chocolate Candy Bars. Shipping Weight ~ 6…



Nestle Christmas Minis Assorted Chocolate Candy: 21.5-Ounce Bag

…These holiday wrapped bars have been shrunk into miniature bite-size pieces! Perfect for decorating and snacking. Assortment includes: Nestlé Crunch Butterfinger Baby Ruth Bag contains 21.5 ounces of Nestlé Christmas Assorted Chocolate Mini Candy Bars. Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs. Kosher Certified.



Nestle Chocolate Easter Eggs Candy: 38-Ounce Bag

…delicious 1-inch Nestle chocolate eggs foil-wrapped in pastel spring colors. Assortment includes: Nestle Crunch Eggs Nestle Milk Chocolate Eggs Butterfinger Eggs Nestle Milk Chocolate filled with Creamy Caramel Eggs Bag contains 38 ounces of Nestlé NestEggs Chocolate Easter Eggs...that's about 150…


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