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WarHeads Sour Chewy Cubes Candy Packs: 42-Piece Box

Magical chewy cubes flavored with just the right amount of sour.... not too sour... not too sweet! Each packet contains 7 to 8 pieces. Flavor assortment includes: Black Cherry Apple Orange Watermelon Blue Raspberry Unit Price = $0.35/packet. Display box contains 42 packs of WarHeads Sour Chewy Cubes



WarHeads Sour Chewy Cubes Candy Snack Packs: 2LB Bag

…to delight sour fiends without overwhelming sour-phobes. Yummy fruit flavors combine with the fantastic six-sided shapes to make for the sort of chewy snack you’ll want to devour time and time again. Whether you’re filling colorful candy bowls, working on a new abstract painting concept, or merely…



WarHeads Chewy and Gummy Assorted Sour Candy Packs: 18-Piece Bag

…and Fiery Watermelon WarHeads Chewy Cubes Flavors: Black Cherry, Green Apple, Orange, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry HotHeads Extreme Heat Mini Gummy Worms Flavors: Molten Mango, Lava Lime, Piping Hot Pineapple Bag contains 18 snack packs of WarHeads Chewy and Gummy Assorted Sour Candy.…



WarHeads Pucker Party Assorted Sour Candy Packs: 90-Piece Bag

…making -- now you can bounce from a bag of Sour Chewy Cubes straight into an Extreme Sour Hard Candy or two, then slide on over to a pouch of Sour Cooler Tarts, giving your tongue a bit of a break before immersing yourself in a tri-colored chewy Sour Twist! So many tangy, tongue-tingling choices,…



Black Licorice Caramel Cubes: 2KG Bag

Fabulous licorice flavor is swirled into yummy caramel cubes! There are about 40 pieces per pound. Unit Price = $19.80/kg. ($9.00/lb.) Bag contains 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of individually wrapped Lonka Black Licorice Caramels Candy. Made in Holland. Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.



Trolli Sour Brite Blasts Gummy Juicy Exploding Candy Cubes: 3LB Box

…snackilicious, these bright gummy cubes have oozy fruit centers just waiting to explode in your mouth. So good they'll make you scream "I'VE GONE TOTALLY CUBULAR!" Flavor assortment includes: Strawberry Mango Apple Watermelon Cherry Lime Blue Raspberry Lemon Cube Width: 1/2 Inch Unit Price =…



Chocolate Caramel Squares Candy: 5LB Bag

…are sometimes better when they are together. If you’re in need of a sweet fix, look no further than these dreamy, delightful wrapped cubes! Endlessly chewy, each slab of caramel goodness owes its creamy consistency to the fresh milk that goes into the recipe. Rich and decadent, this right-angled…



Brach's Milk Maid Caramels: 40-Piece Bag

Classic caramel cubes from Brach's! Bag includes enough caramels for coating 5 to 6 medium size apples. Caramel Dimensions (Inches): 1 x 3/4 x 1/2 Unit Price = $0.15/piece. Bag contains 40 pieces of wrapped Brach's Milk Maid Caramel Cubes. Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.



Twix Bites Candy: 14.8-Ounce Bag

…of milk chocolate that envelops a slab of chewy caramel before getting to the crisp cookie crunch. It’s the perfect combination of texture and flavor that you grew up on. Now, you’ve got the convenience of a resealable bag that holds tiny Twix cubes instead of two long bars inside of a wrapper.…



Caramel Squares Candy: 5LB Box

…every caramel craving. Each square is individually wrapped, which also makes them a great treat for sharing! There are about 36 candies per pound. Cube Dimensions (Inches): 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/2 Unit Price = $3.90/lb. Box contains 5 pounds of wrapped Caramel Squares Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight…



Kraft Caramel Squares Candy: 11-Ounce Bag

…just as delicious and chewy as they were in the "olden days." Perfect for all your baking needs or making caramel apples, Kraft Caramel Squares are also great for your favorite candy dish! Simply unwrap and enjoy the sweet satisfaction of bites-size vanilla caramel cubes. Bag contains 11 ounces…



WarHeads Sour Chewy Cubes Candy: 3.75LB Case

…six fabulous flavors: Orange Watermelon Blue Raspberry Black Cherry Strawberry Green Apple Cube Dimensions (Inches): 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 Unit Price = $6.40/lb. Box contains 3.75 pounds of WarHeads Sour Chewy Candy Cubes packed in 12 bags, each with a net weight of 5 ounces. Shipping Weight ~ 4.5 lbs.



WarHeads Sour Candy Filled Plastic Heart

…are the perfect way to have your Valentine sweetheart pucker-up for a passionate kiss. Assortment includes: WarHeads Extreme Sour Hard Candy WarHeads Sour Chewy Cubes WarHeads Super Sour Spray Candy Plastic Heart contains 4.23 ounces of WarHeads Extreme Sour Candy Packs. Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.



WarHeads Assorted Candy Ornament: 2-Piece Set

…settle on one flavor to suit their personal tastes. Give them an assortment, including Extreme Sour Hard Candy, Super Sour Spray Candy, and Sour Chewy Cubes, all neatly sealed in semi-transparent red and green ornaments that make perfect stocking stuffers or pre-Christmas surprises. Naughty or nice,…


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