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Chocolate Earth

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Globe Foiled Milk Chocolate Earth Balls: 5LB Bag

…actual crisis on planet earth. But at least you’ll have some delicious milk chocolate treats to share with your fellow adventurers! There are approximately 70 pieces per pound. Ball Diameter: 3/4 Inch Unit Price = $11.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Foil Wrapped Chocolate Earth Globe Balls Candy.…



Sixlets Mini Milk Chocolate Balls - Lime Green: 2LB Bag

A bright lime green candy coating robes a milk chocolate center and slowly melts after the first crunch. While savoring the sweet creamy flavor, the rest of the gorgeously green treats inspire a greater interest in nature. You’ve always wanted to go green, but you needed a sweet step to get you…



Sunbursts Chocolate Sunflower Seeds - Autumn Colors Assortment: 1LB Bag

…flowers bloom bright in July, the sunflower's seeds won't be ready for harvest until late summer. Possibly the most perfect Fall treat, these chocolate covered sunflower seeds with earth-toned candy shells are a delightful sweet-n'-salty snack when the days get shorter and the leaves start to change…



Ice Breakers Wintergreen Sugar Free Mints Packs: 8-Piece Box

Vostok, Antarctica. Yakutsk, Russia. Barrow, Alaska. These are some of the coldest places on Earth, but none of them is as cool as an Ice Breakers Wintergreen breath mint. Each sweet little morsel is infused with sparkling flavor crystals that invigorate your breath and liven up your tongue for…



Halloween Orange Kit Kat Snack Size Candy Bars: 20-Piece Bag

…The root of this word, Samhain, was the name of a pagan festival that commemorated the one day of the year in which the dead walked the earth. Over centuries, the pagan holiday Samhain became known as Halloween. There's nothing to fear about these white chocolate-covered wafers though!…



Peppermint Chocolate Rocks: 1LB Bag

Life as we know it on Earth may not exist in the same manner as it does in the heavens; however, there is a sugar planet that sprouts candy from its surface like ours sprouts trees from soil. How else do you think we found these red hued peppermint chocolate rocks? Try this one pound bag for…



Dove Dark Chocolate Covered Whole Cranberries: 6-Ounce Bag

If aliens invade the Earth and you have a 6-ounce bag of Dove Dark Chocolate Covered Whole Cranberries, you have nothing to fear. Do you know why you shouldn’t freak out? It’s simple. Delaware Native Americans deemed the cranberry a status of peace just like the white flag. Of course, aliens will…



Sixlets Mini Milk Chocolate Balls - Autumn Colors Assortment: 2LB Bag

…that on both the Vernal and Autumn Equinox, when the sun crosses the celestial equator making both day and night of equal lengths all over the Earth, it is possible to get a chicken egg to stand upright on a flat surface. Many have debunked the theory, saying that with a little patience and a…



Reese's Mini Sticks Candy Bars: 22-Ounce Bag

…creamy chocolate, wafer, and silky peanut butter, it will send your taste buds into sweet bliss. And if you detect a hint of salt, you’re right. It’s there to enhance the sweet cocoa flavor. See there, you forgot all about resealing now didn’t you? It’s okay. We’re sure you’ll be kind to the Earth



Skittles Candy Fun Size Packs - Assortment: 40-Piece Bag

Sink your teeth into this: enough Skittles are made every year to pave a path from Earth to the Moon. That's a long way to travel for major chewy fruit flavor! Luckily we're serving up some of Skittles signature hits right here in this Halloween giveaway-friendly offering: Original, Wild Berry, and…



Milky Way Bites Candy Packs: 12-Piece Box

…inspired by the Earth’s galaxy. But that’s just silly. Has anyone ever even tasted the galaxy? In actuality, both moniker and flavor were derived from a famous malted milk beverage of the 1920s (when the original bar was created). Mr. Frank C. Mars started with a little bit of chocolate malt nougat,…



Necco Wafers Candy Mini Rolls - Tropical: 150-Piece Tub

…the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, where the water is warmer, the sun is hotter, and the local produce is some of the sweetest on Earth. How Necco managed to package that equatorial essence into each of these tart and tasty treats, we’ll never know. But what really bakes our noodle…



3 Musketeers Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow Minis Candy: 10-Ounce Bag

…The tree has been lit. The snow is falling outside. It’s Christmas time -- time for peace on Earth, and good will toward men… preferably the kind of goodwill that comes wrapped in chocolate, just like a fluffy 3 Musketeers mini. Better yet, make it a full-size, ten-ounce bag of the mmm-worthy…


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