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Chocolate Mint

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Richardson After Dinner Chocolate Mints Candy: 5LB Bag

Delectable chocolate peppermint ellipsoids in bright, assorted colors! Unit Price = $7.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Richardson Brand After Dinner Chocolate Mints. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.



Andes Creme de Menthe Thin Mints: 240-Piece Tub

CandyWarehouse is proud to offer the world's most suave, sexy mint. These chocolates even changed their name to be more stylish (when they were first made in 1921, they were called Andy's Candies). Marvel at the cool creamy confection that's always elegantly dressed in emerald green: Andes Crème de…



Thank You Chocolate Mints Packets: 1000-Piece Case

Delicious chocolate mints inside "Thank You" packets! Choose between 2 colors: White Assorted Unit Price = $0.10/pack. Case includes 1,000 Thank You Chocolate Mint Candy Packs, each containing 2 mints. Made in Canada. Shipping Weight ~ 10 lbs. Kosher Certified.



Choco Starlight Mints Candy: 5LB Bag

Star light, star bright, the chocolate mint I want tonight . . . These chocolate-mint hard candies are exactly the sort of thing you search for at the end of your meal, on the way out of the restaurant – only to be disappointed by a wimpy bowl of toothpicks. Well, kiss disappointment goodbye,…



Pearson's Dark Chocolate Mint Patties: 240-Piece Tub

Yummy mint patties smothered in rich dark chocolate and wrapped in metallic silver foil! It’s no coincidence that every Pearson’s Mint Pattie is shaped like a medallion, for within its creamy center beats the heart of a champion confection—a texture that melts on the tongue and melts every heart!…



After Eight Thin Mint Squares: 25-Piece Box

Light and airy chocolate mints individually packaged in elegant black sleeves. For those with discerning palates and sophisticated tastes. Mint Dimensions (Inches): 1.625 x 1.5 Unit Price = $0.40/piece. Gift box contains 25 After Eight Thin Mint Candy Squares. Made in England. Shipping Weight ~ 1/2…



Andes Creme De Menthe Chocolate Mint Thins Candy: 5LB Bag

…happens to be the name of the number one after-dinner mint in America. Created in 1950, these bite-sized, Crème de Menthe sweets deliver a smooth blend of mint and chocolate flavors in each rectangular, three-layered piece. A coat of light green mint is sandwiched between two thin, dark cocoa slabs…



White Mint Dark Chocolate Discs: 5LB Bag

…dark chocolate flavored with mint oil and covered with a thin, white sugar shell. Absolutely divine! A size and shape comparison is shown with the Koppers Milky Milk Chocolate Lentils and these Koppers Mint Dark Chocolate Discs. The discs are about the size of plain M&M's chocolate candies.…



Chipurnoi Glitterati Candy - Mint Medley: 150-Piece Jar

We think we know what glitz and glamour is when we look at Hollywood. But none of it compares to the Glitterati Mint Medley. Let the good times roll on your tongue when you remove one of the wrappers that’s as bright as the paparazzi’s flash. As you pamper your tongue with flavors like butter-mint,…



Chocolate Double Dipped Mint Patties: 6LB Box

What's better than a cool mint patty dipped in smooth milk chocolate and dark chocolate? A mint patty dipped TWICE, of course! There are approximately 27 pieces per pound. Pattie Width: 1.5 Inch Unit Price = $12.90/lb. Box contains 6 pounds of Chocolate Double Dipped Mints Candy. Made in the USA.…



Foiled Truffle Mint Chocolate Squares: 5LB Box

Scrumptious chocolate mint wafer squares! A yummy green mint center, flavored with pure peppermint oil, is sandwiched between two layers of rich dark chocolate. Each chocolate is wrapped in your choice of embossed Gold or Silver Foil. There are approximately 40 pieces per pound. Dimensions (Inches):…



Pearson's Mint Chocolate Mini Patties: 8-Ounce Bag

Delicious mint creme patties are smothered in rich dark chocolate to create these candy minis! Candy Diameter: 7/8 Inch Bag contains 8 ounces of Pearson's Mint Chocolate Mini Patties... that's about 55 pieces. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 3/4 lb.



York Peppermint Patties Snack Size Packs: 175-Piece Box

…Peppermint Patties! With a refreshing blast of cool mint, taking a bite of a York Peppermint Patty is like releasing an avalanche of awesome flavors upon your tongue. Each soft bite of these mint peppermint patties is drenched in a rich dark chocolate coating, for the sort of combination that sends…



Petite Dark Chocolate Mint Beads: 5LB Bag

Crunchy mint flavored centers are surrounded by a rich dark chocolate coating, creating these refreshing candy morsels! There are approximately 500 pieces per pound. Ball Diameter: 3/8 Inch Unit Price = $9.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Dark Chocolate Mint Candy Beads. Made in the USA. Shipping…



Junior Mints Candy 10.5-Ounce Big Box

…dark chocolate? A jumbo size box of Junior Mints of course! Taking a long road trip or binge watching an entire series on Netflix? Now you can crush any candy craving without the fear of running out any time soon... with this sizeable supply of Junior Mints, creamy mints in pure chocolate. Big box…



Smooth and Melty Nonpareil Mint Chocolate Chips - Pink: 16-Ounce Bag

…of Pink Smooth and Melty Nonpareil Mint Chocolate Chips. The crunchy white balls and velvety chocolate will give your palate the tender love and care it deserves. Perfect for snacking, gifting, or serving at breast cancer awareness events, let these sweet mints make everyone feel loved while they…



Chocolate Dutch Mint Balls - Assorted Pastels: 10LB Case

Creamy peppermint and chocolate co-mingle inside lavender, mint green, pink, and white candy shells! There are approximately 210 pieces per pound. Ball Diameter: 0.375 Inch Unit Price = $12.50/lb. Case contains 10 pounds of Pastel Chocolate Dutch Mint Balls Candy. Made by the Jelly Belly Candy…



Gourmet Chocolate Mints 2-Packs: 1000-Piece Case

…candy coated chocolate mints that are wrapped in elegant royal blue wrappers. The candy color assortment inside the wrappers includes Green, Pink, Coral, and Teal Blue. Unit Price = $0.075/pack. Case contains 1,000 Richardson Gourmet Chocolate Mint Candy Packs, each with 2 mints. Made in the USA.…



Green Wrapped Mint Dark Chocolate Meltaways: 1LB Bag

…these scrumptious dark chocolates with creamy mint centers! Untwist the shiny wraps and pop the delicious morsels into your mouth. The perfect sweet treat. Chocolate Dimensions (Inches): 1.25 x 0.375 x 0.5 Bag contains 1 pound of Green Wrapped Mint Meltaway Dark Chocolates... that's about 50 pieces.…



Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares: 50-Piece Box

…pretension. Excellent, high-quality chocolate in bite-sized squares packed in nifty dispensing boxes! Select from among four varieties of chocolates: 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate with White Mint Filling Milk Chocolate with Caramel Filling Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel Filling…


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