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Candy Cigarettes Packs: 24-Piece Box

…about the good ole days as you roll these old-fashioned retro candy cigarette packs in your T-shirt sleeve! Or kick the habit with these tasty little old time candy memoirs. Many people remember enjoying candy cigarettes as children but now they’re considered more of a retro candy. That old…



Foiled Milk Chocolate Cigars - Gold: 24-Piece Box

Okay, here’s a choice: Smoke tobacco or eat chocolate? Oh, like there’s a choice! It’s easy to please two organs at once (lungs and belly) by forgoing the Cubans and opting instead for these sumptuous chocolate cigars, as tasty as they are celebratory. They’re available in your choice of Gold, Blue,…



Chocolate Candy Cigarettes Packs: 24-Piece Display

cigarette wrappers that cement your devil-may-care image. You’re bad to the bone, all right. But somehow you have such good taste. Unit Price = $2.00/pack. Display box contains 24 Chocolate Candy Cigarettes Packs, each with 10 sticks. Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs. Note: These chocolate candy cigarettes



Bubble Gum Candy Cigarettes Packs: 24-Piece Box

Old fashioned candy cigarette sticks that emit a small cloud of white sugar powder from under the wrapper when you puff on them! Reminisce about the good ole days when you kick back with a pack of the retro candies. Cigarettes are banned in a number of places like courts, schools, museums, theaters,…



Grand Assortment Chocolate Liquor Bottles: 8.1-Ounce Gift Box

…so much volume and variety it’s like somebody took a tiny duty free shop and covered it in rich chocolate! Without the perfume and cartons of cigarettes, of course. Get analysis paralysis trying to choose from delicious variety. With this many chocolate liquor bottles you’ll have to be careful not…



El Bubble Bubble Gum Cigars - Version II: 36-Piece Box

All the cool guys did it. John F. Kennedy, Sammy Davis Jr., Ernerst Hemmingway -- oh and girls too, like Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. You’ve always wanted to hold a cigar in your hand while blowing dissipating circles in the air. But the smoke was too much to commit to. Totally understandable --…



El Bubble Bubble Gum Cigars - Version I: 36-Piece Box

You’ve been told the best cigars come from Cuba. So you were a tad confused when you were presented with a box of individually wrapped banana, apple, and fruit flavored bubblegum cigars. It wasn’t just the luxury of such a selection. You were taken with the ripe taste and thin bubbles that ballooned…



Premium Milk Chocolate Cigars - Everyday: 12-Piece Box

Celebrate that special occasion with a box of premium vintage chocolate cigars! Each cigar is wrapped in a tobacco-leaf foil imported from Havana, Cuba. (Actually, the foil is grown in Honduras from Cuban seed tobacco). Just kidding about the foil -- it is made in the USA. Cigar Design: "Everyday"…



Tiny White Mighty Mints Candy: 5LB Bag

…its size. Although these snow white spheres are petite, they pack a powerful punch of mint flavor. "How powerful," you ask? Enough to mask the cigarette break you took at work and the garlic bread you ate before your big date. With a crunchy and then chewy texture reminiscent of mini minty Skittles,…


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