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Cough Drops

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Claeys Hard Candy Drops Bags - Horehound: 12-Piece Box

…candy drops that make the mint and licorice flavor even more enticing. Perfect for taking trips down memory lane or just for snacking, add this 12-piece box of Claeys Hard Candy Drop Bags to the pantry. Unit Price = $2.00/bag. Display box contains 12 Claeys Natural Horehound Hard Candy Drops Bags,…



Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - Black: 120-Piece Case

…picked up its name while lead singer and guitarist Rob Parissi was in a hospital trying to soothe a sore throat with a fruit-flavored box of cough drops. After making several records in an era when rock music ruled the airwaves, Parissi became disillusioned with the industry and took a job as a…



Ricola Herb Candy Drops Packs: 18-Piece Box

…the herbal creation steep until it’s flavored perfectly. Now, just wait for the tea to cool and sip the mixture gently. Option B: Pop a Ricola cough drop in your mouth. That’s it. You can let the Swiss company’s soothing blend of mountain herbs handle the rest. While we do like climbing mountains,…



Ricola Cherry-Honey Candy Drops Packs: 18-Piece Box

…these Ricola cough drops. Combine the fun, fruity flavors of natural cherry with the soothing sweetness of honey, and you’ve got the perfect means of smothering the flames of that scratchy esophageal burn. Free of any sticky syrup or juicy drizzle, these solid cube cough drops are a simple solution…



Ricola Honey-Herb Candy Drops Packs: 18-Piece Box

…climb the Swiss Alps to collect soothing herbs after fighting bees and bears for a few drops of honey. Ricola has done it all for you! Tame the flames burning up your esophagus with this swanky cubic cough drop. These throat savors are created using a secret recipe that has been calming internal…


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