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Double Lollies

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Double Lollies Candy: 200-Piece Tub

…should help take most of the deciding out of your confection-choosing process -- the Double Lolly! Featuring two candies and two flavors in one, it’s the perfect treat for any indecisive sweet lover! These Double Lollies have the yummy taste and satisfying crunch of classic Smarties candy, presented…



Mega Double Lollies: 60-Piece Tub

Need a bigger lollipop? Then these Mega Double Lollies should do the trick! Each measures about 1.5 inches in diameter -- now that’s a lot of lolly! Perfect for the indecisive candy lover, each mega treat features the delicious taste and texture of Smarties candy in lovable lollipop form, with two…



Double Hearts Lollipops: 12-Piece Bag

…red cherry heart center. Double the hearts, double the love. Perfect for decorating at weddings or Valentine's Day events. Sucker Specifications- Net Weight: 1 Ounce Candy Height: 3 Inches Total Length: 6 Inches Unit Price = $3.00/pop. Bag contains 12 wrapped Double Hearts Lollipops. Made in…



Gold Wrapped Champagne Dark Chocolate Truffles: 2.5LB Box

…truffles really pop! Crafted from dark chocolate with all natural popping candy that tickles your tongue in celebration, each bite-size morsel is double twist wrapped in sparkling golden foil. Unit Price = $22.90/lb. Box contains 2.5 pounds of Gold Wrapped Champagne Dark Chocolate Truffles... that's…



Hanukkah Hard Candy Lollipops: 12-Piece Pack

Make this Hanukkah the sweetest one yet with a double dozen Gourmet Hanukkah Candy Lollipops! Each pop features an azure translucent disc with a medallion of white hard candy icing that features a dreidel, the Star of David, or a menorah. Each of these ornate sugary treats tastes great and lasts as…



Twin Cherry Lollipops: 48-Piece Tub

…48-piece tub it came from a tree you totally can, but we both know that it’s not. But perhaps it will help make the uncanny fruit flavor from this double sided lollipop make more sense. That way you can simply enjoy the flavor without wondering, "How did they do this? How did they make it taste…



Rainbow Swirl 6-Ounce Round Lollipops: 36-Piece Box

…affects us all in unique and wonderful ways. Try one out for yourself and taste the magic! We guarantee you’ll be happier than the man who filmed a double rainbow for YouTube. Sucker Specifications- Net Weight: 6 Ounces Diameter: 4 Inches Total Height: 11 Inches Unit Price = $3.25/pop. Box contains…



Strawberry & Cream Mini Ball Pops: 150-Piece Tub

…patch and then swirled in sweet cream, these two-toned delicacies are just begging to be shared. In fact, the lid of their sturdy container doubles as a display, so you can stick a few pops in the top to advertise the merchandise, and watch as happy hands snatch them all up. Sucker Specifications-…



Rainbow Cherry Candy Barber Poles with Handles: 12-Piece Box

…familiar today. In this day and age, the colorful, spinning pole is a nostalgic addition to store fronts, harking back to the days when barber shops doubled as gathering places for friends to pass the time exchanging news and gossip (and not performing antiquated surgeries). Today, capture all the…



Mega Tropical Double Lollies: 60-Piece Jar

…sucker measures about 1.5 inches in diameter -- now that’s a lot of lolly! Bursting with a tangy twist of Smarties flavors and fun sweet tart textures, these yummy treat combos offer an exotic spin off the classic Double Lolly! They’re the next best thing to sea side sun bathing. Plus, since these…



Charms Valentine Blow Pops: 20-Piece Bag

With their delicious cherry flavored hard candy shell and surprise bubble gum center, these Valentine pops double the sweet romance. Nothing expresses heart-felt love more than a bubble blowing contest! Each Blow Pop wrapper features a romantic phrase. Sucker Specifications- Candy Length: 1.5 Inch…



Sparkle Candy Patriotic USA Star Lollipops: 100-Piece Bag

…usa-colored treats! Sporting long, flexible sticks for excellent bundling, these tasty lollipops make perfect party favors and gifts. And they do double duty as décor and refreshments! Color: Flavor- Red: Watermelon White: Peach Blue: Cotton Candy Sucker Dimensions- Length: 1 1/4 Inch Width: 1 Inch…



Jolly Rancher Filled Tubular Candy Cane

…green hard candies for Kris Kringle. Perhaps he'll be so thrilled he will leave you an extra gift or two! So festive, these red-handled canes can double as Christmas decorations if you can resist gobbling up the sweet, flavorful delectables packed inside. Pop one in each stocking hanging on your…



Patriotic USA Lollipops: 45-Piece Box

This Fourth of July, don’t be a sucker and get caught with some old, boring candy -- express your love for this terrific country with a patriotic lollipop instead! Each double-layered treat proudly displays red and blue tiers of candy with strawberry and raspberry flavors, like a sweet salute to the…



Charms Boutique Premium Lollipops: 48-Piece Box

There have been a few desserts in your life that you've never quite forgotten: that orange cream popsicle you had on a hot summer day; the caramel latte you sampled while traveling Europe; the double-frosted birthday cake served at someone else’s party; plus the raspberry lemon tart, strawberry…



Charms Naughty or Nice Sweet n Sour Pops: 15-Piece Bag

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Now you can be both at the same time with Sweet 'N Sour lollipops! These 2-sided treats pack a double-punch of flavor -- sweet cherry on one side and sour apple on the other. Grab one of these split personality lollipops to satisfy your serious sweet tooth!…


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