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Gummy Christmas Elves: 2KG Bag

Elves are peculiar beings. Sometimes they bring humans friendly gifts of enchantment. Other times they cause all kinds of mischief. Lucky for you, this is a package of well-behaved red and white gummy elves that will bring you lots of magic as they travel across your taste buds with fruity flavor.…



Santa's Elves Candy Cane Holder

Display your candy canes with pride this Christmas! The Santa Elves Candy Cane holder is made of ceramic and allows holiday party guests to easily grab a hook of the cane and start munching! * Holds 14 candy canes * Removable top with locking slots * Total Height: 6.5 Inches * Width: 4.5 Inches *…



Sticklettes Petite Candy Sticks - Lemon: 250-Piece Box

SALE: 20% OFF! Every once in a while, just like all of us, life gives the Candy Elves lemons. Lucky for you, this means the Elves get to make more Sticklettes Yellow & White Candy Sticks. These zesty citrus cylinders add the perfect optimistic zing to your workplace candy grove or cheery hard…

$25.00 $20.00


Crayola Giant Candy Canes: 12-Piece Box

…North Pole, stands a small castle of colorful rainbow spires where a select group of Santa’s Elves make these Giant Crayola Candy Canes. Inspired by the bright Crayola crayon colors, these masterful Elves use towering ladders to infuse a sweet strawberry flavor into these Giant Rainbow colored Candy…



Chewy Sour Balls - Green Apple: 5LB Bag

Our advice: don't accept an apple from a warty old woman in a woodsy cottage. Do accept sour apple chewy sour balls from the elves at CandyWarehouse. They're juicy and brilliantly green and make for a dramatic addition to any spread! There are approximately 100 pieces per pound. Ball Diameter: 5/8…



Unicorn Pops 1-Ounce Twist Suckers - Rainbow: 72-Piece Case

Contrary to popular belief, unicorns are not made up. Not only are they completely real, but their magical unicorn antlers are delicious. Our Candy Elves raise unicorns in a nurturing, friendly and sustainable environment. Once a year, on the eve of the Summer solstice, the unicorns get their horns…



Butterfly Hard Candy Lollipops: 12-Piece Bag

…the world, endeavoring to spin themselves into confectionery cocoons and then emerge, transformed into resplendent Hard Candy Butterflies. Candy Elves prance through bountiful meadows, armed with nets, endeavoring to capture the beautiful and elegant Hard Candy Butterflies. Such is the candy circle…



Candy Flowers - Yellow: 5LB Bag

Our gang of happy Candy Elves has no shame shoveling yellow candy posies in their mouths. These little confections offer a mild, tangy flavor, and are perfect for guests to munch on at your next colorful event. Because of their bright yellow coating, they shine as a centerpiece when displayed in…



Halloween Sixlets Candy Packets: 151-Piece Bag

…tiny yet amazing candies from you. How many tasty little spheres do you have left? Answer: Six! Because Sixlets come in packs of eight. The Candy Elves know candy-thieving dogs are common so you get a couple extra. Sixlets (or "00000110lets" if you're a binary computer) come eight to a pack in…



Salt Water Taffy - Blueberry: 5LB Bag

…highway that stretched from New York to Chicago. Oddly enough, we think this is nearly equivalent to the amount of blueberry flavored taffy our candy elves have eaten in the past week. Deliciously chewy, fruity, and addictive -- we dare you to try and stop after one! A family-run confection company…



Giant 10-Ounce Red & White Swirl Lollipop in Gift Box

…of the North Pole. With resilience they survive the extreme elements to provide color amidst the miles and miles of frozen tundra. Reindeer, elves and polar bears are the only creatures to have tasted these pops...until now. Hand-swirled and made to last you the whole season, partake in the…



Valentine Sixlets Candy Packets: 15-Piece Bag

…amazing candies from you. How many tasty little spheres do you have left? The answer: Six, because Sixlets come in packs of eight! The Candy Elves know candy-thieving is common on Valentine’s Day, so you get a couple extra. Featuring pink, red, and white exteriors, they’re perfect for celebrating…



Mega Candy Buttons Sheets: 3-Piece Pack

…finally finish off all the rows of candy, there’s only one question that remains -- what will you do with a sheet of paper so enormous? Our candy elves personally like to use them to write treat-related fairy tales, but we hear they can also fit an entire handwritten graduate thesis (expounding the…



Candy Peppermint Bowls: 3-Piece Set

Psst! We can’t officially say that this three-piece peppermint bowl set was handmade by elves, but we can confirm that they were indeed made by hand. Sculpted to perfection, you’ll find three deep dishes that fit neatly in one another and are perfect for storage. Sounds like the organization skills…



Unicorn Pops 1.5-Ounce Twist Suckers - Rainbow: 72-Piece Case

…pigeon, dodo or quagga. Luckily, thanks to responsible management programs and concerned citizen-stewardship from folks like the CandyWarehouse Elves, today there is a thriving, sustainable population of the majestic, delectably horned animals. Responsibly enjoy these sweet Rainbow Unicorn lollipop…



Mounds Snack Size Candy Bars: 18-Piece Bag

Ever wonder why Mounds are called Mounds and not, say, "Almond-less Joys"? It’s a constant conundrum for our candy elves. This beloved candy bar features rich dark chocolate wrapped luxuriously around a mound of sweet, chewy coconut -- wait, did you catch that? Mound of coconut? Yes, these yummy…



Jooblers Candy Crumble Melts - Christmas: 160-Piece Tub

…this sort of daily jubilation? After countless years of research (and a few undercover stints in his workshop, conducted by our very own candy elves) we think we’ve discovered his secret: Santa spends his free time munching on Christmas Jooblers! We have it on good authority that you can cultivate…



Trolli Santa & Elves Gummy Mustache Candy: 40-Piece Bag

…In red, green, and white Christmas hues, you’ve never seen such festive facial hair! Assorted Flavors: Cyclone Cherry Twisted Tangerine Fruit Fusion Mustache Length: 2 Inches Bag contains 12 ounces of Trolli Santa & Elves Gummy Mustache Candy... that's about 40 pieces. Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.



Foiled Milk Chocolate Mini Santas & Elves Christmas Candy: 5LB Bag

Sprite Santa Claus chocolates, along with his merry elves, are sure to make your holiday season jolly. Perfect for the Christmas candy dish or as candy characters for your gingerbread house. Create your very own Santa's workshop design! There are approximately 62 pieces per pound. Chocolate…



Brach's Candy Cane Candy Corn: 15-Ounce Bag

…helpers may be the hardworking farmer elves. Donning their striped overalls and shiny red work boots each morning, they whistle merrily on their way to the magical candy cane candy corn fields of the North Pole. Without them, the toy-making city elves would have no minty, chewy, soft and savory…


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