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Giant Chewy Nerds

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Mega Candy Super Tube Bank - Nerds

Reminiscent of a Stinger missile launcher, this enormous tube of Nerds candy is ready to launch chewy deliciousness directly into your mouth! Tube Specifications- Length: 24 Inches Diameter: 3 Inches Net Weight: 18 Ounces Mega tube contains 40 packs of Nerds Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.



Rock Candy Chewy Nuggets - Rainbow Color Assortment: 4LB Tub

…rainbow-colored rock nuggets, hitting rock bottom will have a new meaning. With a crunchy texture releasing mouthwatering fruity flavors, like chewy Nerds candies, you might even consider crashing to rock bottom on purpose because they’re that delicious. Perfect for large crowds, these chunky candy…



Rock Candy Chewy Nuggets - Apple: 4LB Tub

…rocks, it’s actually a good one. Unlike the rocks you find in the ground, these are completely edible and taste just like fruit, similar to chewy Nerds. In an unassuming white hue, the apple flavored nuggets will work well with any color scheme. And with four pounds included, they're perfect for…



Funhouse Treats Assorted Bulk Candy Mix: 175-Piece Bag

…CandyWarehouse.com, poring over our endless assortment of tantalizing goodies, not knowing which one to try? We’ll make it easy on you. Try this giant assortment of eleven classic treats including Skittles, Starburst, Twizzlers and more! With over 5 pounds of candy in a variety of colors, textures,…



Big Chewy Nerds Candy Reindeer Christmas Stocking Hanger

…Reindeer had a glowing red nose that saved Christmas by guiding Santa's sleigh. Now you can experience reindeer nose in a whole new way with Red Chewy Nerds that will have Santa wanting to sneak a few bites instead of eating the milk and cookies you've left him on Christmas Eve. Designed to hang…



Giant Chewy Nerds Candy Packs: 24-Piece Box

…let these Giant Chewy Nerds prove you wrong! Imagine combining all the muscle of the football team with the smarts of the chess club… the resulting combo is something we’re inclined to call a "super nerd" -- no one wants to mess with a nerd like that. And we’re pretty sure these giant chewy candies…



Nerds Giant Gumballs: 18-Piece Box

What could be more cool than a Nerd? How about a Giant Nerd! These mammoth sized gumballs are stuffed full of yummy Nerds candy from Willy Wonka. The perfect candy surprise once your teeth have gnawed through the thick gum encasement. This assortment includes a variety of brightly colored gumballs.…



Big Chewy Nerds Candy: 10-Ounce Bag

With a the crunchy shell and a chewy center of fabulous fruity flavor, Big Chewy Nerds are a modern twist on a candy classic! Destined to be your newest favorite treat, these jumbo-sized Nerd candies are perfect for the candy dish at your home or office. Every bite is sure to surprise and delight!…



Grape and Strawberry Nerds Candy: 12-Ounce Giant Box

…the box comes in this super-sized version. Instead of pouring out Nerds, it pours out little boxes of Nerds. Imagine the possibilities. Box Dimensions- Width: 7.5 Inches Height 9.75 Inches Depth: 2 Inches Gift box contains 12 ounces of Wonka Grape and Strawberry Nerds Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.



SweeTarts and Nerds Candy Giant Gingerbread Man Gift Box

…Twist Rolls, a treat size box of Nerds, and red, green, and white icing for your decorating enjoyment. Just try to resist a few bites! (But don’t feel bad if you can’t -- your gingerbread buddy will understand). Gingerbread Man Height: 12 Inches Box includes 1 Giant Gingerbread Man Cookie Figure, 2…


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