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Sour Gummy Sharks Candy: 3KG Bag

…today. An apex predator at or near the top of their marine food chains, sharks are ferocious rulers of the sea. However, this unique species of sour gummy sharks in various shades of blue are bite-sized and delicious, making them a tempting meal for any hungry human. Fill a glass bowl with these…



Sour Gummy Cola Bottles Candy: 3KG Bag

…since you can literally bite into the outside surface. Perfect for classrooms, reward students for their smarts with an equally smart snack. The sour dusted, cola flavored gummies will make getting an A+ on the exam a second thought in comparison to your three-kilogram bag of delicious treats. There…



Jelly Belly Sugar Free Jelly Beans 2.8-Ounce Bags - Sours: 12-Piece Case

…sugar free gourmet sour jelly beans. The Sours assortment is a 5-flavor mix that will make you pucker with delight! Flavors include: Sour Cherry, Sour Grape, Sour Green Apple, Sour Lemon, and Sour Orange. Sweetener: Maltitol Unit Price = $3.00/bag. Display box includes 12 Jelly Belly Sugar Free Sour



Jelly Belly Organic Sour Jelly Beans

Enjoy your five favorite sour Jelly Belly flavors with a bag of organic, vegetarian, gluten-free, non-GMO, and 100% natural jelly beans! Perfect for pucker-inducing fun without any artificial flavors to get in the way. Assorted Flavors: Apple Cherry Lemon Orange Berry Choose between two pack sizes:…



Sour Jelly Beans Assortment: 5LB Bag

It’s hard to smile when you’re puckering. Somehow these sour gourmet jelly beans make you want to do both. They come in an assortment of sour fruit flavors that’ll make your face scrunch up. But they’re also made with real fruit juice that provides a boost of Vitamin C for your immune system, and…



Sour Gummy Pumpkins Candy: 10LB Case

…pounds of gummy pumpkins, then feel free to order 181 cases. But we’re telling you now, we drew the line at 10 pounds for your own sake. There are approximately 90 pieces per pound. Pumpkin Width: 3/4 Inch Unit Price = $7.95/lb. Case contains 10 pounds of Sour Gummy Pumpkins Candy. Made by the Jelly…



Shivers Sour Bubble Gum Gumballs: 850-Piece Case

…these sour bubble gum that will make you pucker with delight. They're called Shivers for good reason. One chew of this sour gum will have you scrunching your face and trembling from the burst of sour power! Gumball Diameter: 1 Inch Unit Price = $0.07/gumball. Case contains 850 Shivers Sour Gumballs.…



Charms Sweet & Sour Pops: 48-Piece Box

…/ Sour Lemonade Sweet Blue Razz Berry / Sour Watermelon Sweet Pineapple / Sour Grapefruit Sweet Mango / Sour Tangerine Sweet Cherry / Sour Green Apple Sucker Specifications- Stick Length: 4 inches Candy Diameter: 1.5 inches Unit Price = $0.20/lollipop. Display box contains 48 Charms Sweet & Sour



Charms Sour Balls Hard Candy 12-Ounce Can

Roll some yummy sour balls around your mouth for classic candy goodness! Assortment includes six fabulous fruit flavors: Cherry Orange Pineapple Lime Raspberry Lemon Tin contains 12 ounces of Charms Sour Balls Hard Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.



Trolli Sour Brite Jelly Beans: 14-Ounce Bag

Crafted in the same manner as Trolli Sour Brite Gummy Worms, these tangy gummy jelly beans feature a tender chew and bright colors perfect for your Easter candy dish! Stock up this Spring with sour jelly beans sure to satisfy any candy craving. Flavors include: Apple Strawberry Lemon Cherry Orange…



WarHeads Sour Chewy Bunnies: 12-Ounce Bag

Stock your Easter candy dish with spunky WarHeads Sour Chewy Bunnies! Powerful sour crystals surround sweet, tender centers, making these gummy bunnies perky and delicious! Featuring bright, festive colors and tangy fruit flavors, WarHeads Easter bunnies will make this holiday more fun for kids and…



Chewy Sour Balls - Lemon: 7-Ounce Bag

…when life hands you lemons, you have to make lemonade. Other times, you don’t have to do anything because those lemons are actually lemon-flavored sour balls. Instead of casting a shadow over your life, their chewy citrus centers will bathe your tongue in rays of sugary sunshine. And instead of…



Chewy Sour Balls - Cherry: 7-Ounce Bag

…each of these vibrant red sour balls is all the cherry you’ll ever need. Their chewy cores strike a gratifying balance between drupe fruit and dessert, with snazzy exteriors that fill any candy dish with singular flair. Bag contains 7 ounces of Cherry Chewy Sour Balls... that's about 50 pieces.…



Chewy Sour Balls - Grape: 7-Ounce Bag

…chewy grape sour ball is kind of like that -- maybe even better. There are no soft spots or seeds to get in the way of the pliable, tangy interior -- no stray juices to stain your shirt with purple spots. Is it better than the real thing? You be the judge. Bag contains 7 ounces of Grape Chewy Sour



Mega Sour Cotton Candy Packs: 12-Piece Display

…Mega Sour Cotton Candy is sure to satisfy any sour candy craving! Each pack includes two fabulous fruit flavors of sour cotton candy in pink and blue, the most popular colors of cotton candy. Perfect as party favors at summer events, school carnivals, and circus themed parties, Mega Sour Cotton…



Easter Bunny Sour Gummy Candy: 4.5LB Bag

Perky gummy Easter bunnies in an assortment of fabulous fruity flavors! There are approximately 100 pieces per pound. Bunny Height: 1 1/4 Inch Unit Price = $4.40/lb. Bag contains 4.5 pounds of Sour Easter Bunny Gummy Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.



Sour Jelly Bats Halloween Candy: 5LB Bag

…sweet and sour jelly snacks. Each bite-size morsel is a blind mammal in flight and comes colored in cheery, flavorful fruit shades of orange, purple, and green. Keep these wild candy treats contained in a clear glass jar so you can feast all season. Pop them in your mouth one by one and let the sour



WarHeads Worms Sour Gummy Worms: 8-Ounce Bag

…the seriously sour? Don’t just guess. See for yourself when you let one of these colorful worms wiggle its grainy body against your tongue. Your lips may pucker, your cheeks may turn red, and your eyes might even water a bit. But it will all pay off because the delicious sour flavor is followed…



Chewy Sour Balls - Watermelon: 5LB Bag

Do you like your watermelon on the sour side, with a bit of chew? Are you afraid to confess this preference to others, for fear that they might find you a little odd? Well you needn’t worry any longer, because these round little sours have you covered! Green like the outside of a watermelon, these…



Cry Baby Guts Sour Gumballs: 850-Piece Case

The power of sour in these perky gumballs will bring tears to your eyes and sweat to your brow. Only the most brave candy warriors dare to chew this super sour gum. Gumball Diameter: 1 Inch Unit Price = $0.10/piece. Case contains 850 Tearjerkers Cry Baby Guts Sour Filled Bubble Gum. Made in Canada.…


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