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Gummy Fish- Assorted Fruit

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Gummy Fish - Assorted Fruit: 5LB Bag

It's official (o"FISH"al), our Assorted Fruit Gummi Fish are the best! One bite and we know you'll be hooked! Stock your favorite candy dish with this delicious haul of fresh fish sure to satisfy any sweet seafood aficionado. Flavors include: Cherry Strawberry Green Apple Pineapple Lemon Orange Unit…



Swirly Gummy Fish Candy: 2KG Bag

…that’s a fine kettle of fish you’re in. But allow us to help! Turns out, satiating those sweet aquatic urges is as simple as shooting a fish in a barrel. We’re not fishing for compliments here, but if you like your fish chewy, gummy, and bursting with the mixed tastes of fruit and crème, then get…



Assorted Swedish Fish Candy 3.5-Ounce Packs: 12-Piece Box

…of fruit flavored gummy-lovers -- the weight of that many candy fish is actually equivalent to 1,929 real orca whales! Well, unlike Orca whales, Swedish Fish have no real marine products in them. In fact, these little sea critters are prepared without gelatin, making them one of the few gummy treats…



Mini Swedish Fish Candy - Assorted: 5LB Bag

…crazy fruit flavors like berry (red), lemon (yellow), orange (orange), and lime (green); that are universally adored. After all, you are what you eat. Be a little more Swedish. There are approximately 200 pieces per pound. Fish Length: 1 Inch Unit Cost = $3.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Assorted



Mini Swedish Fish Candy - Tropical: 3.75LB Box

The classic Scandinavian candy fish have made the long swim down the Gulf Stream all the way to the Caribbean and now offer a fabulous assortment of exotic fruit flavors. Tropical Swedish Fish offer the chewy texture you love with new flavors sure to make any summer beach party or luau more fun.…



Harry Potter Gummy Slugs 2.1-Ounce Candy Bags: 12-Piece Display

…treat, these gummy gastropods rock exotic fruit flavors such as pear and banana, along with a unique chew more akin to the texture of Swedish Fish. So next time someone tries to curse you by shouting "Eat slugs!" in your face, grab a pack of these delicious soft candies and happily oblige. Assorted



Swedish Fish Candy - Red: 3.5LB Bag

…the same thing as actual fishing, except that these tasty sea creatures will be the ones luring you into their 3.5-pound bag. But don't worry; their vibrant red hue is loads of fun to grab with your bare hands, and even more fun to eat. One bite into their soft and chewy gummy forms will leave your…



Gummy Ocean Creatures Candy Packets: 18-Piece Bag

Let your taste buds enjoy waves of fruit flavors by munching on yummy gummy sea creatures! You’ll get all the fun of being under the sea without having to get your hair wet. These fruity gummies are adorable and so much tastier than the real things, they'll inspire your imagination and delight your…


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