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Individually Wrapped Lifesaver Mints

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LifeSavers Mint Singles - Wint-O-Green: 41-Ounce Bag

…breeze all at once when you remove an individually package hoop and place it on your tongue. Expect for it to be so chillingly delicious that you’ll want to keep all 41-ounces included for yourself. Bag contains 41 ounces of Wint-O-Green LifeSavers Mint Singles... that's about 300 pieces. Made…



LifeSavers Mint Singles - Wint-O-Green: 50-Ounce Bag

…later, these mint treats are still a sweetly refreshing favorite across the country! Tasty and cool, like a breath of fresh winter air, Wint-O-Greens are always a "hole" lotta fun! Bag contains 50 ounces of individually wrapped Wint-O-Green LifeSavers Mints... that's about 320 mints. Made in the…



LifeSavers Mint Singles - Pep-O-Mint: 41-Ounce Bag

…Singles, you’ve got your own space, or shall we say individual packaging, and of course your own style which is refreshingly cool like their minty flavor. Perfect for parties, invite your human singles over and pour out your Life Savers mint singles and let the mingling begin. We guarantee there…



LifeSavers Mint Singles - Spear-O-Mint: 500-Piece Case

…with LifeSavers Mint Singles. The Spear-O-Mint discs will revive them in an instant with crisp spearmint flavor. And with 500 pieces included, they’re great for sharing. You can consider yourself a lifeguard when you provide friends, family, and business patrons with their own individually wrapped,



LifeSavers Candy Canes - Wint-O-Green: 12-Piece Box

…Christmas with green striped wintergreen mint LifeSavers candy canes! Each cane is individually wrapped and has a refreshingly minty Wint-O-Green flavor. Candy Cane Length: 6 Inches Unit Price = $0.30/cane. Gift box contains 12 individually wrapped LifeSavers Wint-O-Green Candy Canes. Shipping…


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