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Haribo Gummy Dinosaurs Candy: 100-Piece Jar

…way better than fossils and make a great gift. Colors - Flavors Blue - Black Currant Red - Strawberry Green - Melon Yellow - Banana Orange - Mango Jar Dimensions- Height: 4.5 Inches Diameter: 3.75 Inches T-Rex Height: 2 Inches Gift jar contains 100 Haribo Gummi Dinosaurs. Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs.

Jolly Rancher Awesome Reds Hard Candy: 13-Ounce Bag

If you're always picking through the candy jar for the red candies, then this assortment of Awesome Reds Jolly Ranchers is for you! Featuring a collection of four fabulous Jolly Rancher fruit flavors, this bag is sure to offer a satisfying selection perfect for the candy dish at your home or office.…

Glass 1/2-Gallon Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid

…candy from) -- a Glass Penny Candy Jar! This fancy, half-circle container comes is completely see-through, making it easy to view all the yummy treats inside! It's the perfect solution for all your candy-storing needs… so you can finally stop digging that burrow. Jar Specifications- Height: 6 Inches…

Glass Square Candy Jar with Lid - Small

Perfect for storing your favorite sweets, these glass candy jars feature a square design with a metal screw-top lid! Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Jar Specifications- Capacity: 27 Ounces Width: 4.25 Inches Length: 4.25 Inches Height: 4 Inches Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.

Clear Plastic Jumbo Goblet Candy Container

Okay, okay, we’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to use the Clear Plastic Jumbo Goblet Candy Container to contain candy, necessarily. It actually works just as well for any sort of decoration! Go ahead and fill it with flowers, fruits, or confetti. You can even use it to hold the…

White Candy Bar Table Assortment

…okay too. It will be our little sweet secret. Including all the candy you need to set up a beautiful white candy bar, you need to supply just the jars, scoops, and favor bags. It contains 7 different delicious candies. Experience all the joy of a candy buffet at your next shindig! Candy assortment…

Pod Shaped Glass Candy Jar with 7-Inch Opening

…impressive glass candy jar offered here is perfect for any occasion where you want to fully showcase the candies themselves and allow easy access with a candy scoop! The clear glass allows the color of the confectionery to shine through and make your candy bar a sweet success! Jar Specifications-…

Glass Globe Gumball Machine and Candy Dispenser with Silver Top

Dress up that party with this elegant gumball machine and candy dispenser! Measuring 9 inches tall, this unique gumball machine is perfect for mounds of candy or gum. Designed with a push button, this candy machine conveniently does not have a money slot, allowing for free dispensing at parties or…

Clear Plastic Flared Bowl Candy Container - Small

Have you ever gotten the feeling that typical candy jars were designed to keep you from taking out as much candy as you could possibly want? Sure, you could reach in just fine, but once you grabbed any candy at all, you’d find your hand to be quite trapped inside the container! Solve all your…

Mini Glass Favor Jars - 1.5-Ounce Candy Jar with Silver Top: 12-Piece Set

…these unique jars make the perfect gifts at any special event! Favor Jar Specifications- Capacity: 1.5 Ounces Opening Width: 1 Inch Total Width: 2 Inches Total Height (with lid): 2 1/4 Inches Depth: 1 1/2 Inches Box contains 12 Candy Jar with Silver Top Mini Glass Favor Jars. Shipping Weight…

Mini Glass Favor Jars - 1.75-Ounce Square Jar with Cork Stopper: 12-Piece Set

…unique jars make the perfect gifts at any special event! Favor Jar Specifications- Capacity: 1.75 Ounce Opening Width: 1 Inch Total Width: 1 3/4 Inches Height (without cork): 2 1/4 Inches Total Height (with cork): 2 3/4 Inches Box contains 12 Square with Cork Stopper Mini Glass Favor Jars. Shipping…

Glass Candy Jars with Lids - 6-Inch: 3-Piece Set

…We’ll leave that choice up to you. Jar 1 Dimensions- Height (without lid): 6 Inches Height (with lid): 8.5 Inches Diameter (at opening): 3.75 Inches Jar 2 Dimensions- Height (without lid): 6 Inches Height (with lid): 9.5 Inches Diameter (at opening): 3.75 Inches Jar 3 Dimensions- Height (without…

M&M's Candy: 56-Ounce Jar

…anybody can resist the salty sweet combination? Don’t you kind of want some, right now? Choose Milk Chocolate or Peanut. There are approximately 500 Plain M&M's per pound. There are approximately 180 Peanut M&M's per pound. Jar contains 56 ounces of M&M's Candy! Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.

Glass Candy Jar - 2 Gallon

A classic candy jar design to store your favorite sweets! Don't get caught with your hand not in the candy jar. Jar Dimensions: Height (without lid): 10.5 Inches Total Height (including lid): 13.5 Inches Opening Width: 7.5 Inches Total Width: 9.25 Inches Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 14 lbs.

Glass Candy Jar with Lid: 18-Inch

You know what’s boring? A plain old ceramic cookie jar. You know what’s not boring? A foot-and-a-half tall apothecary jar! Come on, which would you rather choose to store your sweet stash? Well, we prefer not-boring, so that’s why we thoroughly appreciate this awesome 18" glass canister. Elegantly…

Clear Plastic Round Pedestal Jar - Short

…clear pedestal jar is absolutely perfect for holding any hodgepodge of treats, making your dessert displays sweeter than ever! With a trendy pedestal to help flaunt your creation and a wide mouth perfectly suited to scooping jelly beans, chocolates, and gumballs alike, this plastic jar is just what…

Pumpkin Shaped Glass 70-Ounce Candy Jar

…the spirits and specters with your candy cache. Jar Dimensions: Height (without lid): 5.25 Inches Total Height (including lid): 7.5 Inches Opening Width: 4.5 Inches Total Width: 7 Inches ATTENTION: Candy not included. Pumpkin Glass Candy Jar has a capacity of 70 ounces. Made in the USA. Shipping…

Sprinkle King Tiny Candy Sequins: 1LB Jar

…the phenomenon when you grab this one-pound jar of tiny candy sequins in pastel colors. Sure, your baked goods have been delicious for decades. But there’s no denying that the addition of sugary embellishments makes them absolutely irresistible. Jar contains 1 pound of Candy Sequins. Made in the…

Milk Chocolate M&M's Candy: 56-Ounce Jar

…like M&M’s? With their soft, sweet chocolate inside a yummy candy shell? Melts you-know-where but not you-also-know-where? Don’t you kind of want some, right now? Jar contains 62 ounces of Milk Chocolate M&M's Candy... that's about 1,750 pieces. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.

Milk Chocolate Peanut M&M's Candy: 56-Ounce Jar

…the guy at the gas station, selling handicrafts. Well, maybe it wasn’t scientific, but have you ever met anybody can resist the salty sweet combination? Don’t you kind of want some, right now? Jar contains 56 ounces of Milk Chocolate Peanut M&M's Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.

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