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JujyFruits Candy: 10-Ounce Bag

Have you ever questioned the appearance of Jujyfruits? Reportedly, the colorful, bite-sized candies come in seven different forms. The first four of these make perfect sense: pineapple, raspberry, grape, and banana shapes. But it’s the last three that confuse us a bit: tomatoes, pea pods, and…



The Ultimate Mega Candy Tin: 500-Piece Bulk Candy Assortment

…Packets, Mini Milky Way Bars, Root Beer Barrels, Skittles Packets, Bit-O-Honey's, Salt Water Taffy, Fun Size Nestle Crunch Bars, Life Savers Candy, Jujyfruits and more. It's a candy wonderland! Immense, gigantic, enormous, and gargantuan are also fitting descriptors. Did we mention that this thing…



JujyFruits Candy 5-Ounce Packs: 12-Piece Box

Fun Movie Tip: Sit near the front of the theater... chew a Jujy Fruit for about 30 seconds or until soft... throw at movie screen... win a prize if your Jujy Fruit actually sticks to the screen! Prizes redeemable from the movie theater usher/valet. (-; Unit Price = $2.00/box. Box contains 12 Jujy…



JujyFruits Fun Size Candy Packs: 45-Piece Bag

Even though JujyFruits come in five flavors: raspberry, lemon, lime, orange, and anise, the shapes of the individual candies are pineapple, tomato, grape bundle, asparagus bundle, banana, and pea pod. Hmmm...we aren't sure why, but one thing is certain: they taste fantastic! Trick-or-treaters will…


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