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Lemon Head And Friends

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Chewy Lemonhead Fruit Mix Candy Mini Packs: 24-Piece Box

Good candy is a pleasure... good friends are a treasure! Discover both with this delicious assortment of chewy candy balls, including Lemonheads, Appleheads, Orangeheads, Grapeheads, and Cherryheads. Featuring a bright rainbow of colors, these tangy, sour-on-the-outside, sweet-on-the-inside candies…



Lemonhead and Friends Assorted Candy Canes: 12-Piece Box

…Lemonhead and Friends fruity flavors. Each cane is individually wrapped to seal in freshness. Assortment includes: Red & White Striped Cherryhead Yellow & White Striped Lemonhead Green & White Striped Applehead Unit Price = $0.30/cane. Gift box contains 12 Lemonhead and Friends Assorted…



Chewy Lemonhead & Friends Mini Packs: 25-Piece Bag

Mr. Lemonhead has a lot of friends. And sometimes, it’s hard to get them all in one room. But it seems as though the impossible has actually become possible since Mr. Lemonhead along with Fruit Mix Chewy Lemonhead, Berry Awesome Chewy Lemonhead, and Redrific Chewy Lemonhead are all together. What’s…



Lemonhead Candy: 150-Piece Tub

…tangy, sour-on-the-outside, sweet-on-the-inside candies are a classic taste of lemony perfection. And that would be a shame to waste on your friends’ unsuspecting heads. Ball Diameter: 3/4 Inch Unit Price = $0.10/piece. Tub contains 150 pieces of wrapped Lemonhead Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.



Brach's Kiddie Mix Bulk Candy Assortment: 185-Piece Bag

…to the last. Assortment includes: Now & Later Chews AirHeads Taffy Smarties Red Vines Jaw Busters Lemonhead Cherryhead Chewy Lemonhead & Friends Applehead Rainblo Pops Warheads Super Bubble Unit Price: $0.10/piece. Bag contains 185 pieces of Brach's Kiddie Mix Bulk Candy Assortment. Made in…



Lemonhead & Friends Candy Mini Packs: 60-Piece Bag

…until the big hand struck a lemon on his lemon-themed clock. Then, one day, while shopping for lemons at the nearby lemon market, he met some friendly out-of-towners who loved all things sour, including lemons! Their names were Cherryhead and Applehead. His new friends softened his heart, and he…



Lemonhead & Friends Candy Balls Assortment: 110-Piece Bag

lemon, and orange flavors will leave a good impression. And you know what a big step that is, since Mom never likes any of your friends. This amazing assortment includes: Applehead Cherryhead Grapehead Lemonhead Orangehead Bag contains 110 individually wrapped pieces of Lemonhead & Friends Fruit…



Chewy Lemonhead & Friends 2.2-Ounce Packs: 24-Piece Box

…be compelled to snack on any time of year either on your own or with a friend! The assortment includes five fabulous flavors: Lemon Apple Grape Orange Cherry Unit Price = $1.50/pack. Box contains 24 Chewy Lemonhead and Friends Candy Packs, each with a net weight of 2.2 ounces. Shipping Weight ~ 4…



Lemonhead & Friends Jelly Chix and Rabbits: 13-Ounce Bag

…these chicks and bunnies will certainly help you celebrate the spring season in sour style! Assorted Flavors: Applehead Cherryhead Grapehead Lemonhead Orangehead Bag contains 13 ounces of Lemonhead & Friends Jelly Chix and Rabbits. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb. Kosher Certified.


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