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Leprechaun Character Lollipops: 12-Piece Box

…the end of a rainbow, these lucky leprechaun lollipops are sure to add a festive flair to any St. Patrick's Day celebration! Sucker Specifications- Candy Width: 2 Inches Total Height: 5 Inches Flavor: Lime Unit Price = $0.45/pop. Box contains 12 wrapped Leprechaun Character Hard Candy Lollipops.…



Wind-up St. Patrick's Day Candy Poopers: 8-Piece Set

…potatoes around a goat’s neck and say it was an old Irish tradition; no one would know any better. Then again, you could give out these wind-up leprechaun candy poopers that dispense colorful treats from their backsides as they walk. You haven’t heard of that one? Why, it’s as Irish as eating black…



Vanilla Crumble Crushed Hard Candy - Light Green and White: 2LB Bag

…certainly feel wealthy due to the rich taste . So take this new gold in a large two-pound bag, and add it to your baked goods. You don’t need a Leprechaun to help you or your guests find the sweet side of life because we’ve done that for you. Unit Price = $11.90/lb. Bag contains 2 pounds of Green…



Skittles Candy: 54-Ounce Bag

…have also been voted the best chewy candy, as well as the trendiest decorating material, by the mythical creature community? (Though we’re told leprechauns and unicorns may have rigged the mythical polls, as they are rather partial to rainbow-colored sweets.) These bite-sized favorites are all the…



Candy Flowers - Green: 5LB Bag

…a classic for both the Feast of Saint Patrick and the bunny-loving holiday of Easter. Often times it is said that little Easter conies and leprechauns can be seen, engaged in heated battle aboard a sea of Green Sweet Tart Flowers. Also available in bright purple, yellow and white, you can combine…



AirHeads Xtremes Sourfuls Candy Packs - Rainbow Berry: 12-Piece Box

As if fallen from magical candy clouds, these soft and chewy raindrops are enjoyed by leprechauns, unicorns, and humans alike! Their intense sour flavor permeates the entire piece, delivering complete sour satisfaction. Stock your candy dish or grab a bag for on the go snacking. Unit Price =…



Rainbow Unicorn Foiled Milk Chocolate Coins in Mesh Bags: 36-Piece Box

…rare of candies, unicorn chocolate coins in an assortment of bright, shiny colors are found at the end of rainbows, carefully guarded by magical leprechauns. Discover for yourself how enchanting and delicious chocolate unicorns can be! These mythical treats are packaged in mesh bags that are perfect…



Light Green Foiled Mint Dark Chocolate Squares: 5LB Box

…a pot of gold? One would think the task would be difficult due to the chicanery Leprechauns put gold seekers through. But consider yourself laced in four-leaf clovers. We have a treat that will lure a friendly Leprechaun directly to you. Individually wrapped in shiny moss green foils, layers of dark…



St Patrick's Day Gum Filled Kettles: 12-Piece Box

…party favors, with shimmering pieces of fruity chewing gum that will put everyone in a jolly mood. Set them up under a rainbow display for a fun Leprechaun theme, or just pass them out to your guests as you tell them "slán abhaile," which is Irish for "get home safely!" Unit Price = $1.50/piece. Box…



Green Shamrock Hard Candy Lollipops: 12-Piece Box

Harvested fresh by jolly leprechauns from magical fields under skies of rainbows, these shamrock lollipops feature a fabulous green apple flavor. Perfect for Saint Patrick's Day events or any celebration involving the Irish! Sucker Specifications- Net Weight: 0.75 Ounce Candy Width: 2.325 Inches…



St. Patrick's Day Candy Coins in Pot of Gold Fun Packs: 48-Piece Bag

The end of the rainbow just got a little closer! Now you can give your Leprechauns these "Pot of Gold" Candy Fun Packs filled with mixed fruit flavor candy coins at your St. Patrick's Day event! Give out in gift bags along with other party favors! Unit Price = $0.20/pack. Bag contains 48 St.…



Green 4-Leaf Clover Lollipops: 12-Piece Bag

…buds. The sweet green apple flavor and beautiful emerald tint can only mean one thing: good luck! These lollipops are such good fortune; they make leprechauns look like con men and rainbows like police lights in your rear-view mirror. A few licks of one of these tempting quadrifoliates will have you…



Plastic 2-Inch Black Kettles: 12-Piece Pack

Unless you’re an actual leprechaun, these adorable miniature kettles probably won’t suit you in the kitchen (especially considering they’re made of plastic), but they’re perfect for carrying an Irish gnome’s most prized possession: gold! Or gold candy, rather. Pick out your favorite yellow hard…


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