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Mini Blue Pretzels

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Blueberry Yogurt Covered Mini Pretzels: 9-Ounce Tub

blue pretzels wear the color all year long. But all pretzels know the rule: don’t wear chocolate after six. These crispy twists have a coat of smooth, blueberry yogurt, an elegant option for your most sophisticated events. With a creamy texture and light, fruity taste, these periwinkle blue pretzels



Razzles Candy Neck Pillow

Airplanes are exciting -- they take you to new places, and if you’re lucky, you even get to snack on peanuts and pretzels and cookies on the way there! And if you’re really lucky, you snag the window seat and watch the clouds and tiny buildings pass by far below as you soar through the air. But even…



Dubble Bubble Candy Neck Pillow

…room or improve the behavior of fellow fliers, we can definitely help you solve the post-nap neck cramp! This nostalgic, blue, red, and pink Double Bubble pillow features mini cartoon images of the candy’s logo and mascot, but best of all, it’s cushiony soft and will gently cradle your neck for…


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