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Ooze Cherry

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Ooze Tube Liquid Candy Dispensers: 12-Piece Box

…Squeeze Pop, long since gone from the confectionery world. Try Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Cherry flavored Ooze Tubes today! Tube Length: 6.25 Inches Unit Price = $1.65/tube. Display box contains 12 Ooze Tubes Liquid Candy Dispensers, each with a net weight of 4 ounces. Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.…



Mini Blood Bags Liquid Candy Pouches: 12-Piece Bag

…Blood Bags Candy Pouches. The tasty type S+ goo mixes well with O, A, B, and any combination you can think of. All you need is a sweet tooth. Oozing with cherry flavor, grab the 12-piece bag for your next Red Cross event or Halloween fete. In the case that there are real blood bags around, make sure…



SweeTarts Ropes Candy Packs - Cherry Punch: 24-Piece Box

…KazoOZles." Although they didn’t make the request arrogantly, you couldn’t blame them if they did, simply because KazoOZles put the "ooo" in ooze. Just try one of the licorice ropes enrobing white punch flavored cores for yourself. In no time you’ll be saying, "ooo" and it might even be followed…



Twist-n-Lik Ice Cream Candy Dispensers: 12-Piece Box

…an ice cream cone without the melting and dripping! Simply twist the base to see fabulous fruity candy ooze from the top like thick, gooey noodles. Flavors include: Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Strawberry. Candy Dispenser Height: 5.75 Inches Unit Price = $1.80/cone. Display box contains 12 Twist-n-Lik…



Formula Goo Mad Science Sour Liquid Candy Kit: 75-Piece Set

…we’ve just discovered a new element called Formula Goo. This diabolical candy liquid oozes with super secret sour molecules that are certain to shock your taste buds in five fabulous flavors like cherry, lemonade, green apple, fruit punch, and grape. Equipped with 50 test tubes and 25 bottles…



Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop Liquid Candy Tubes - Sweet Flavors: 18-Piece Box

…this item instead: Ooze Tubes Liquid candy ointment to soothe your taste buds! Simply squeeze this miracle cure for flavor boredom into your mouth and "TA DA", your taste buds will tingle with joy. This assortment of oozy candy includes three fabulous flavors: Watermelon Cherry Blue Raspberry Unit…


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