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Peach Wrapped Hard Candy

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Peach Hard Candy Buttons: 5LB Bag

Featuring a light orange color, these unique hard candy buttons have a fabulous peach flavor! Each piece is twist wrapped. There are approximately 75 pieces per pound. Candy Diameter: 3/4 Inch Unit Price = $4.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Peach Hard Candy Buttons. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight…



Zazers Gold Foiled Peach Chewy Candy: 1LB Bag

…turns. So is eating a Zazers Peach Candy. At first, you think it’s hard, like a caramel. Then it softens, gives way. You get a hint of delectable, juicy peach fruit, then the whole wave. Now it’s melting. Almost too fast. Wait, you think. Wait, I just started this candy. Then, poof, it’s gone. Good…



Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks - Peaches & Cream: 80-Piece Box

…fashioned candy sticks in one of our handsome display racks: 6-Jar Rack 12-Jar Rack Stick Specifications- Net Weight: 0.5 Ounce Length: 5 Inches Diameter: 1/4 Inch Flavor: Peaches & Cream Unit Price = $0.20/stick. Box contains 80 wrapped Peaches and Cream Gilliam Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks.…



Eda's Sugar Free Hard Candy Drops - Fruit Assortment: 2LB Bag

These delectable mini candy drops are sugar free and sealed in clear wrappers, allowing the vibrant colors to show through. Eda's hard candy sweets feature incredible taste with NO AFTERTASTE! Eda’s candies are manufactured with Sorbitol, a cool refreshing sugar substitute which occurs naturally in…



Charms Super Blow Pops - Sweet N Sour: 72-Piece Set

…explore the dichotomy of sweet versus sour with this assortment of highly experimental flavor combinations. Sour bubble gum is encased inside sweet hard candy shells to create the coupling of these opposites in unique flavor amalgamations sure to blow your mind and tantalize your taste buds. Flavor…

$36.00 $28.80


Chupa Chups Lollipops Assortment: 1000-Piece Case

…children and frustrated moms from the sticky soiled fingers that resulted from consuming traditional hard candies. Made with kids in mind, Chupa Chups® allowed for licking and looking at candies without making a mess. Genius! So is this massive bag of lollipops. Chupa Chups® Fat-Free Creamy &…



Old Fashioned Stick Candy: 80-Piece Box

…Passion-Fruit, Peaches & Cream, Peppermint, Pina-Colada, Pineapple, Raspberry, Root Beer, Rum & Butter, Sassafras, Sour-Apple, Spearmint, Strawberry, Tangerine, Tutti-Fruitti, Watermelon, and Wintergreen. Unit Price = $0.20/stick. Box contains 80 wrapped Gilliam Old Fashioned Hard Candy



Hard Candy Barrels - Peach Cobbler: 200-Piece Barrel Jar

…you remember that gooey, syrupy peach flavor you grew up with as a kid when you pop one of these peach cobbler hard candy barrels into your mouth. Life in the city will just melt away. Unit Price = $0.20/piece. Jar contains 200 pieces of Peach Cobbler Hard Candy Barrels. Made in the USA. Shipping…



Country Time Assorted Lemonade Hard Candy Discs: 7-Ounce Bag

…flavors, including Pink Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, and Lemonade. These sweet circles feature the perfect amount of tanginess to awaken your taste buds...relive a little of the good ole days with Country Time Lemonade Candy! Each piece is wrapped to seal in freshness. Unit Price =…



Torie and Howard Hard Candy Tins - Pomegranate & Nectarine: 8-Piece Box

…tartness of California pomegranate, all wrapped up in a refreshing, relaxing hard candy drop! You haven’t met confectionery bliss until you’ve taken a moment to savor one of these opulent sweets. Popping with peppy peach and plush pom flavors, these pure candy pearls are created using sophisticated,…



Brach's Sweet Treats Bulk Candy Assortment: 65-Piece Bag

…slices to hard candies and jelly beans, all in a variety of flavors! Great for party favors and pinatas, or those who love a good variety in their candy dish. This family size candy mix includes: Hawaiian Punch Jelly Beans Wild 'n Fruity Gummy Bears Lemon Drops Mini Sour Worms Peach Gummy Rings…



Beard and Mustache Lollipops: 12-Piece Box

…have. Razor burn can still occur… but hey, these lollipops are lovely.) Assorted Flavors: Cherry Peach Raspberry Sucker Specifications- Stick Length: 4 Inches Candy Width: 2 Inches Unit Price = $0.50/lollipop. Box contains 12 wrapped Beard and Mustache Shaped Lollipops. Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.


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