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Classic Nostalgic Candy Gift Tote: 1950's

Do you remember when Ike was President of the United States? Recall penny candy sold in five and dime stores? Fond memories of listening to Dean Martin, Doris Day, and Bobby Darin on the radio in your 1957 Ford Thunderbird? Then this nostalgic assortment of candies is for you! Gift tote contains 9…



Glass 1/2-Gallon Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid

…that these are all decent options, we’d like to suggest something a little more conventional (and less difficult to retrieve candy from) -- a Glass Penny Candy Jar! This fancy, half-circle container comes is completely see-through, making it easy to view all the yummy treats inside! It's the perfect…



Lucky Penny Lollipops: 2-Piece Set

Find a penny, pick it up. Then all day, you’ll have good luck! Well, if that’s truly so, just imagine all the luck you’ll have with one of these babies! Nearly three times the diameter of an actual penny, this sweet coin lollipop boasts the delicious flavor of root beer. Feel free to make as many…



Glass 1-Gallon Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid

Old-fashioned glass penny candy jar with a chrome lid. Perfect for displaying your favorite sweets and treats! Jar Specifications- Height: 8 Inches Depth: 8 Inches Width: 5 Inches Opening Width: 4 Inches Capacity: 1 Gallon Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.



Assorted Colors Foiled Milk Chocolate Penny Parade Coins in Mesh Bags: 20-Piece Box

…obviously never tried the chocolate version -- of money, that is! These multi-colored foiled coins are embossed to look like actual American pennies, but once you remove their colorful outer layer, all that awaits you is pure, rich milk chocolate goodness. It’s the furthest thing from malevolence!…



Foiled Giant Milk Chocolate Copper Pennies: 5LB Bag

…won't save these pennies for a rainy day-- you'll gobble them up no matter what the weather is outside! There are approximately 68 pieces per pound. Coin Diameter: 1 1/2 Inch Unit Price = $15.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of foil-wrapped Milk Chocolate Copper Pennies. Made in the USA. Shipping…



Fort Knox Foiled Milk Chocolate 4-Inch Medallions: 20-Piece Box

If a penny earns your thoughts, what would a giant penny medallion get you? And what if it was made entirely of chocolate? That’s right -- these pennies, quarters, dollars might look like super-sized coins, but under the layer of intricately embossed foil lies a delicious piece of solid milk…



USA Flag Tootsie Roll Midgees: 40-Piece Bag

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber rolls of chewy chocolate candy. This patriotic version of the iconic penny candy are a perfect accessory for the Fourth of July or your political rally. Or for celebrating a safe return home from abroad, even if you just spent the day in Toronto. Each Midgee…



Dubble Bubble Bubblegum: 5LB Bag

An old time bubblegum favorite, Dubble Bubble gum has been generating bubble-blowing fun for generations. Relive your sweet childhood memories with every chewy bite. Simply unwrap, chew, and make the bubbles burst! There are approximately 68 pieces per pound. Unit Price = $3.90/lb. Bag contains 5…



Hopjes Coffee Hard Candy: 9.9LB Box

Delicious coffee hard candies from Holland! There are approximately 100 pieces per pound. Unit Price = $7.00/lb. Box contains 9.9 pounds of Rademaker Hopjes Coffee Candy. Made in Holland. Shipping Weight ~ 11 lbs.



Perugina Glacia Mints Candy: 1LB Bag

Like a cool, refreshing breeze from the Italian Alps wafting through your mouth, these minty hard candies are sure to satisfy! Bag contains 1 pound of Perugina Glacia Mints Candy... that's about 60 pieces. Made in Italy. Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs.



Caramel Creams Bulls Eyes Candy - Vanilla: 5LB Bag

We guarantee* that if you stick one of these Bull’s Eye Caramel Creams at the center of a target, the rate of perfect bull’s eyes would increase about tenfold! Why? Because everything about them is so wonderful, even the most inanimate of objects (such as arrows and darts) can’t help but be drawn to…



Slo Poke Bite Size Caramel Candy: 5LB Bag

Introduced in 1926 by the Holloway family, Slo Poke caramel candy originally came in the form of a pop on a stick. And if you managed to pace yourself, the nostalgic favorite seemed to last for an entire day! Some chose to suck on it to soften the caramel gradually, while others preferred to nibble…



Coconut Long Boys Candy: 48-Piece Display

Traditional old-fashioned southern treats.... Coconut Long Boys! These chewy caramels are blended with flakes of real coconut and rolled into the best-eating candy you'll ever have. Originating in New Orleans more than 50 years ago, the expert candy makers of Atkinson's mix them in their kitchens…



Metallic Foiled Toffee Caramel Rolls Assortment: 5LB Bag

This old-time assortment of caramel rolls is a nostalgic favorite worthy of sharing with future generations! Featuring delicate flavors of Butter Rum, Chocolate, Maple, Raspberry, and Vanilla, each piece of rich, creamy, chewy toffee caramels is wrapped in elegant metallic foil. Although they’re…



Peanut Butter Bars Candy: 3LB Bag

They're crunchy, they're crispy, they're almost flaky and they're truly addictive. Peanut Butter Bars are perfect if you love peanut butter in a portable snack. Texas Grade A Jumbo peanuts are slowly roasted until they're a toasty golden brown, releasing each nut`s full deep peanut flavor. No added…



Mary Jane Candy: 30LB Case

Chewy molasses and peanut butter candy that was first made in 1914. And it's still as yummy as ever! There are approximately 60 pieces per pound. Unit Price = $3.95/lb. Case contains 30 pounds of Mary Janes Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 31 lbs. Kosher Certified.



Metallic Foiled Hard Candy Buttons - Purple: 5LB Bag

Classic hard candy wrapped in brilliant purple metallic foil for an eye popping display and even yummier grape flavoring! There are approximately 65 pieces per pound. Candy Diameter: 1 Inch Unit Price = $3.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Purple Metallic Foiled Hard Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.



Bit-O-Honey Candy: 5LB Bag

Little bit-o-honey, little bit-o-almond, lots of lip-smackin' taste! All those years of eating Bit-O-Honey, and you never knew how it was made. So we're here to tell you: Soft almond bits are blended into a honey-flavored taffy for a soft, yummy treat. Also a little sticky. But really, how important…



Black Licorice Hard Candy Balls: 5LB Bag

In high society, you can’t simply enter a ball without an invitation. But when you’re in high sugar society, you’re cordially invited after opening this five pound bag of black and white balls. After removing one of the wrappers, you’ll find the entrance to the party with its delicious licorice…


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