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Soda Candy Canes

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Antique Sled Candy Cane Holder

…the sled isn’t red or flying across the black night sky. It’s a glitter trimmed, wooden vehicle that’s gently cradling all of the items on your candy wish list. Now, they say all of the sweet moments for Christmas are had as a child. However, this new experience is proving that theory wrong. Sled…



Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks - Strawberry: 80-Piece Box

…old fashioned candy sticks in one of our handsome display racks: 6-Jar Rack 12-Jar Rack Stick Specifications- Net Weight: 0.5 Ounce Length: 5 Inches Diameter: 1/4 Inch Flavor: Strawberry Unit Price = $0.20/stick. Box contains 80 wrapped Strawberry Gilliam Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks. Shipping…



Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks - Root Beer: 80-Piece Box

…bite of this brown and white hard candy cane, you had what your mother would call a very imaginative thought: "They must have poured the Root Beer straight from the fountain into this tiny plastic tube." Although it sounds absurd, it’s true. Very skilled candy confectioners took a thin plastic wrap…



Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks - Pina Colada: 80-Piece Box

…the 80 pieces of yellow and white twirled canes filled with creamy Piña Colada flavor made you have a sweet flashback. Now don’t be surprised if the guests at your anniversary party also blurt out "1979" when they see these hard candy sticks at the candy buffet. We’re sure they have a few memories…



Soda Pop Candy Canes - Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, and A&W: 12-Piece Box

…peppy soda-flavored sweets shake the foundations of basic candy canes everywhere with an exciting flavor twist. It’s the most festive way to enjoy your pop yet! Candy Cane Length: 6 Inches Unit Price = $0.35/cane. Gift box contains 12 Soda Pop Candy Canes. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.


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