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Formula Goo Mad Science Sour Liquid Candy Kit: 75-Piece Set

…concoction. Who knows? We might need to add another square to the periodic table after you’re done. Vial Dimensions- Width: 0.75 Inch Height: 4.75 Inches Kit contains 50 test tube vials with lids, 25 bottles of sour liquid candy, and one test tube rack. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.



Payback Attack Sour Powder Candy Test Tubes: 35-Piece Tub

…includes 5 yummy creations: Solid Colors: Red = Cherry Charge Orange = Xtreme Tangerine Yellow = Lucky Lemonade Green = Awesome Apple Blue = Powerful Punch Unit Price = $1.50/tube. Acrylic tub contains 35 assorted Payback Attack Sour Powder Candy Test Tubes. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.



Formula Sour Liquid Candy Test Tubes: 24-Piece Box

…Super sour liquid candy developed in the laboratory of a mad candy scientist! Hoouuuaaaahhh! Assorted sour flavors include: Blueberry Watermelon Cherry Apple Pineapple Orange Unit Price = $1.65/tube. Display box contains 24 test tubes of Formula Sour Liquid Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.



Jurassic Dinosaur DNA Rocks Candy Test Tubes: 24-Piece Box

…Way more delicious than the frog DNA from Jurassic Park, these sweet rocks are sure to bring your taste buds to life. The plastic, resealable test tubes (straight from the dino lab!) are filled with watermelon and peach passion flavored carbonated candy nuggets. They’ll greet your tongue with a…



Creepy Halloween Candy Sprinkles Test Tube Bottles: 4-Piece Pack

…cakes, cupcakes, and brownies extra festive with these assorted holiday sprinkles. Packaged in plastic test tube-shaped bottles for convenient pouring and storing. And you can re-use the test tubes for other sprinkles or flavorings! Lab set includes 4 dispenser bottles containing: White Bones Orange…



Princess Pink Chocolate Rocks: 3-Ounce Tube

…feather beds alone, and serve these chocolate chunks at your next princess party instead! Plus, the tube package is perfect for decorating as a pendant or wand for a princess party accessory. Tube contains 3 ounces of Choco Rocks Princess Pink Chocolate Rocks Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight…



Make Your Own Sugar Art Candy: 4 Color Kit

What’s better than making art? Making edible art! This awesome artsy set includes 16 unbreakable plastic test tubes, perfect for containing your crafty candy concoctions. Four different hues of candy sand help make each formulation as unique as the mix master who designed it. And in an assortment of…



Raven's Revenge Sour Powder Candy Test Tubes: 12-Piece Pack

…on each .80 ounce tube, every experience will be sweetly sour. 12 Powerful Potions Include: Amaze Balls Baby Baby Black Widow Envy Ghetto Hitman Homie Knock Out Love Psycho School Sucks Spider Unit Price = $2.00/tube. Pack contains 12 Raven's Revenge Sour Powder Candy Test Tubes. Made in the USA.…



Kaboom Rocks Candy Test Tubes: 24-Piece Box

…into pebbles in a mortar and pestle here on Earth. Packaged in test tubes for further experimentation in your mouth, this candy gravel will deliver a multitude of explosive shocks to your taste buds. The plastic, resealable test tubes may look like they belong in a science lab, but there’s no need…


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