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Harvest Quins Candy: 3LB Box

Tiny sugar bites in a fun assortment of fall colors and shapes. Perfect for decorating cupcakes and cookies! Unit Price = $9.00/lb. Carton contains 3 pounds of Harvest Quins Candy. Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.



Harvest Blend Milk Chocolate M&M's Candy: 11.4-Ounce Bag

These Harvest Blend M&M's have milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, but not so much in the cool of autumn. Celebrate the calming of the seasons and rake your candy-hooks through the plain M&M’s that fall in reds, brown and gold, thus giving new meaning to the age old question "whatever…



Foiled Flat Milk Chocolate Turkeys: 60-Piece Box

…Perfect for everyone at the table or sprinkled on that hostess tray. Turkey Dimensions (Inches): 2 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 3/8 Unit Price = $1.00/turkey. Display box contains 60 Thanksgiving Solid Milk Chocolate Turkeys, each weighing 3/8 ounce. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs. Kosher Certified.



Chocolate Caramel Squares Candy: 5LB Bag

A classic pairing, candy cousins caramel and chocolate are sometimes better when they are together. If you’re in need of a sweet fix, look no further than these dreamy, delightful wrapped cubes! Endlessly chewy, each slab of caramel goodness owes its creamy consistency to the fresh milk that goes…



Brach's Candy Corn: 40-Ounce Bag

Can you imagine a Halloween where candy corn doesn’t exist? Costumes would look oddly similar to regular clothes. No radio station would play Michael Jackson’s "Thriller." And you would only have the option to receive a trick, because all other candy pales by comparison on this frightening day.…



Foiled Dark Chocolate Autumn Leaves Candy: 5LB Bag

…find a rich dark chocolate awaiting your palate. Talk about a popular collection of autumn leaves! The perfect treat with which to decorate Thanksgiving dinners and autumn shindigs, this version may not be musical, but we can assure you it’ll reach number one with your taste buds in no time. There…



Milk Chocolate Covered Caramel Coated Popcorn Candy: 3LB Bag

Plump, crunchy caramel kettle corn smothered in rich milk chocolate! There are approximately 200 pieces per pound. Unit Price = $8.90/lb. Bag contains 3 pounds of Milk Chocolate Covered Caramel Coated Popcorn Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 3.5 lbs.



Foiled Milk Chocolate Thanksgiving Minis: 5LB Bag

Delicious milk chocolates wrapped in adorable Thanksgiving themed foils! There are approximately 50 pieces per pound. Chocolate Height: 2 Inches Unit Price = $11.90/piece. Bag contains 5 pounds of Thanksgiving Foiled Milk Chocolate Candy. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs. Kosher Certified.



Foiled Semi-Solid 1-Ounce Milk Chocolate Turkeys: 20-Piece Display

…a poor turkey's life this Thanksgiving --- gobble-up these milk chocolate turkeys instead! Each highly detailed 3-dimensional molded semi-solid milk chocolate turkey is 2 1/2 inches tall, covered in tamper-evident foil. Place one at each setting for a Happy Thanksgiving table. Turkey Dimensions…



Thanksgiving Turkey Pinata

The perfect way to celebrate after a hearty Thanksgiving Day dinner, this cute turkey pinata is sure to make the holiday extra fun for the kids. Turkey Dimensions- Length: 16 Inches Height: 8 3/4 Inches Width: 15 Inches Note: Piñata does NOT include candy, so feel free to fill it with any treat of…



Thanksgiving Bubblegum Buddies Candy Packs: 24-Piece Box

Nothing sets the tone for a festive Thanksgiving feast quite like a hand-made turkey or pumpkin candy on your place-mat. Crafted from colorful gumballs adorned with delicious icing, the turkeys feature colorful candy feathers, and the pumpkins are adorned with detailed leaves and vines. They’re both…



Foiled Semi-Solid 8-Ounce Milk Chocolate Turkey

Show some mercy to the poor Thanksgiving turkey this year! Spare a real turkey and devour this cute candy creature instead. Highly detailed 3-dimensional molded semi-solid milk chocolate turkey is 6 inches tall, covered in vibrant, colorful foil. Turkey Specifications- Net Weight: 8 Ounces Height: 6…



Foiled Turkey 3.5-Ounce Milk Chocolates: 15-Piece Display

The leaves have fallen. The air is clean and crisp. It's time to celebrate the beauty of autumn! Add a bit of festive flare to your Thanksgiving table-scape with brightly wrapped chocolate shaped as a hollow turkey. They make great accents for place-settings or goodie bag gifts for your guests!…



Giant Turkey with 96 Lollipop Feathers

…like the Pilgrims ate at the first Thanksgiving. These autumnal harbingers are cast in solid acrylic and feature both a wattle and snood (fun turkey factoid: the snood is the fleshy protuberance that comes out the top of the beak). Sitting at the Thanksgiving Day kids table just got way more fun!…



Football Paper Lanterns: Set of 3

Sometimes football games run late. And on such occasions, you’re definitely going to need to find a means of lighting up those darkening tailgate tents and backyard parties. So what better way to do so than with an oversized football? To be clear, these footballs are made of paper, and measuring in…



Micro Leaves Mix Sprinkles: 3-Ounce Bottle

Fall leaves come in pretty spiffy colors. And they seem so nice and crisp and crunchy when you step on them, you’d probably think they’d make a delightful topping for your next batch of baked goods, right? Actually, unless you enjoy the flavors of foliage and dirt, we wouldn’t recommend it. But we…



Autumn Leaves Icing Candy: 572-Piece Box

SALE: 33% OFF! Stop crunching up dried leaves to top all your sweets and baked goods -- these little icing drops are a much better autumn-themed substitute! Colored in various hues of orange, they’re shaped like tiny, adorable leaves, freshly fallen from their deciduous-tree homes. And even better,…

$171.60 $114.40


Pumpkin Spice Caramel Candy Balls: 2LB Bag

Pumpkin: That aloof, commitment-phobic flavor that we wait around for all the year long, only to be graced with its presence for three short months. And because of all that excruciating anticipation, pumpkin fanatics are likely to consume every pumpkin-flavored item available -- pies, bread, lattes,…



Autumn Leaves Wrapped Buttermint Creams: 1000-Piece Case

Eating the leaves that fall from the trees in autumn will not freshen your breath. In fact, it will probably just leave the taste of dirt and foliage in your mouth. And we’re warning you now, nobody wants that. Though if you’ve already made this mistake, and you need a way to get that terrible taste…



Autumn Colors Caramel Candy Balls: 2LB Bag

Delicious gourmet caramel balls featuring rich, chocolatey coatings in various fall colors! Assortment includes: English Toffee Caramels - 25% Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels - 25% White Chocolate Caramels - 25% Pumpkin Spice Caramels - 25% There are approximately 75 pieces per pound. Ball…


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