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White Candy

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M&M's Milk Chocolate Candy - White

…other colored candies -- we understand. And when you require a large pack of a single color of milk chocolate M&M’s, we’re here to help! You know that white candies aren’t boring -- just because they don’t have any color doesn’t mean that they don’t have spirit! This giant bag of white M&M’s…



Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - White

…rock candy crystal sticks can be anything you desire them to be! Plus, single color collections are perfect for occasions when you need to match a specific color scheme as well as those times you’re merely seeking to appease a finicky eater with a particular favorite flavor. White rock candy boasts…



Shimmer Pearl White 1-Inch Gumballs: 2LB Bag

…of elegance to your everyday life or candy buffet. We’re thinking Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, all the glitz of Old Hollywood Glamour. Gumball Diameter: 1 Inch Unit Price = $6.90/lb. Bag contains 2 pounds of Shimmer Pearl White Gumballs Bubblegum Candy... that's about 120 pieces. Made in Canada.…



White Gourmet Candy Bags: 100-Piece Pack

Don't make your party guests stuff their pockets for the road, instead send them home with a stash of tasty candy treats in these cute, waxpaper-lined paper candy bags in white! Sold ready for adornment with stickers, ribbons, and other crafty doodads of your choice. And because they're made of 30…



White Chocolate Kit Kat Minis Candy: 8-Ounce Bag

…bag of White Chocolate Kit Kat Minis comes in. It contains mini versions of the ivory wafer bars, so you can share the smallest piece possible… and keep the rest for yourself, safe and sound in the re-sealable zipper bag. Bag contains 8 ounces of White Chocolate Kit Kat Minis Candy... that's about…



Mini White Candy Crosses: 5LB Bag

…ancient symbols used in Christianity. If you’re looking for the perfect candy for Easter, Christmas, or church services and events, these mini candy crosses are truly a fit. Featured in pure white, each bite-sized hard candy piece makes for a special and memorable addition to any religious occasion!…



White Candy Buffet Kit: 25 to 50 Guests

…6-Inch Candy Tongs Candy: (1) 60-Piece Tub of White Pineapple Swipple Pops Petite Swirly Ripple Lollipops (1) 100-Piece Box of White Toasted Marshmallow Hard Candy Sticks (1) 5-Pound Bag of White Rock Candy Strings (1) 5-Pound Bag of White Candy Flowers (1) 5-Pound Bag of White Wrapped Hard Candy



White Candy Bar Table Assortment

candy you need to set up a beautiful white candy bar, you need to supply just the jars, scoops, and favor bags. It contains 7 different delicious candies. Experience all the joy of a candy buffet at your next shindig! Candy assortment includes: (1) 5-Pound Bag of Petite Pineapple Sassy Spheres White



Aqua Blue Chevron Stripe Candy Bags: 25-Piece Pack

These little striped candy bags give a whole new meaning to the term candy stripers! When you need a place to keep your sweet treats, whether it be for gifts, party favors, or just your own candy stash, why not turn to these pretty aqua and white candy bags? Made with white craft paper for a classy,…



Pink & White Candy Hearts: 10-Ounce Bag

These shiny, pink and white hearts may be made of hard candy, but they definitely won’t cause any hardened hearts! In fact, these sweet little confections are sure to do quite the opposite -- they’re the perfect way to express your love for family, friends, significant others, and (of course) your…



Pink and White Candy Bracelets: 12-Piece Bag

…delicious candy bracelets to adorn each of her guests with fun candy flavor. But not right now. Right now the Princess has to focus on her math homework. Bracelet Specifications- Diameter: 2 1/2 Inches Tiara Charm Width: 1 Inch Unit Price = $0.50/piece. Bag contains 12 wrapped Pink and White Candy



Orange, Black & White Candy Skulls: 5LB Bag

…orange, black, and white, this bulk bag is perfect for filing your favorite spooky candy dish for Halloween parties and events! There are approximately 500 pieces per pound. Head Height: 1/2 Inch Unit Price = $3.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Orange, Black & White Candy Skulls. Made in Canada.…



Pastel Blue & White Candy Hearts: 10-Ounce Bag

These shiny, pastel blue and white hearts may be made of hard candy, but they definitely won’t cause any hardened hearts! In fact, these sweet little confections are sure to do quite the opposite -- they’re the perfect way to express your love for family, friends, significant others, and (of course)…



White Plastic Stiletto Candy Scoop

…pair of stilettos, this white candy scoop also promises to be a lot less painful on your feet at the end of the evening. And don’t expect it to need a shoulder to lean on -- the flat bottom of this sumptuous scoop allows it to stand on its own! The basin of this fancy candy handler holds around 20…



White Organza Candy Bags: 30-Piece Pack

…favors your guests will love with these elegant, white organza candy bags. Fill with delicious candy and tighten securely with the convenient drawstring ribbon. Bag Dimensions (Inches): 4 x 6 Unit Price = $0.40/piece. Package contains 30 White Organza Candy Bags. Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb. ATTENTION:…



White "Just Married" Candy Rolls: 5LB Bag

…fortunate enough to walk away with white candy circles embossed with a heart shape featuring the words "Just Married." Packaged in elegant rolls of clear cellophane, each set includes 11 of these cheerful wedding candies. Specifications- Roll Length: 2 Inches Candy Diameter: 3/4 Inch There are…



White Tin Tie Candy Bags: 100-Piece Box

…tin tie tops (metal tabs enclosed in paper with which to close the bag). The tin tie tops create a reusable and re-closable bag that helps to keep candy fresh. Bag Dimensions (Inches): 3 x 7.75 x 2.25 Unit Price = $0.35/bag. Package includes 100 White Tin Tie Candy Bags. Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.



White Cotton Candy 1-Ounce Packs - Watermelon: 5-Piece Bag

…flavored white cotton candy, will have your taste buds floating on cloud nine! Hosting a white party (where everyone dresses in white attire)? These packs of all white cotton candy make the perfect party favor. Or fill a glass jar with the fluffy stuff if you're designing a white candy bar. This…



Pineapple Sassy Spheres White Striped Candy Balls: 5LB Bag

…pineapple flavor will always catch you off-guard. There are approximately 45 pieces per pound. Ball Specifications- Diameter: 0.75 Inch Net Weight: 10 Grams Flavor: Pineapple Unit Price = $5.00/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Pineapple Sassy Spheres White Striped Candy Balls. Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.



Pink and White Stripe Candy Ornament - 13 Inch

…The swap will have all flocking to the once abandoned corridor for an innocent kiss. It’s probably because this huge, iridescent, magenta and pink striped candy hanging from the ceiling lets them say, "I’m sweet on you" without all the awkwardness. Ornament Length: 13 Inches Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.


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