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Wonder Ball

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Dinosaur Wonderball Milk Chocolate Balls Filled with Candy: 10-Piece Display

Experience the wonder of the WonderBall! Delicately wrapped in colorful metallic foil is a perfect sphere of hollow milk chocolate concealing an amazing surprise inside... candy dinosaurs! Crack into a ball to unleash a stampede of sweet prehistoric beasts upon your taste buds. Ball Diameter: 1.5…



Grand Ferrero Rocher Giant Chocolate Ball

Celebrate with the Giant Ferrero Rocher! Experience the wonder of this jumbo chocolate ball wrapped in metallic gold foil and topped with golden ribbons and bows. Hidden inside the hollow chocolate shell are two classic Ferrero Rocher chocolates, hazelnuts cradled by a layer of chocolate cream…



Chewy Sour Balls - Grape: 7-Ounce Bag

…into a nice, firm grape. The way its succulent fruit juices burst with awe-inspiring grapey-ness is a wonder for your taste buds to behold. Then again, biting into a chewy grape sour ball is kind of like that -- maybe even better. There are no soft spots or seeds to get in the way of the pliable,…



Sixlets Mini Milk Chocolate Balls - Silver: 2LB Bag

…globe. So it’s no wonder that your taste buds will move you to sing all of the lyrics from "Love to Love You Baby" because they’ve fallen in love with the flavor. Now remember we said disco SPHERES, not disco balls. So when you go to your next dance don’t go cracking the ball up. There’s a…



Sour Spanks Chewy Candy Balls - Watermelon: 5LB Bag

…candies, that is! Sour spanks are so tart, they’re like a spank in your mouth… (the fun kind, of course). These sour spheres of chewy watermelon wonder are tangy on the outside and sweet on the inside. If you’re a sour-fiend, enjoy these little nuggets slowly to savor the sour crystal coatings. If…



Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls Candy Packs: 120-Piece Tub

…palate to be met by a flood of sour chewy wonder! From the makers of Toxic Waste candies comes another crazy example of mad-scientist-creation-meets-confectionery-perfection. If you like your sweets on the sour side, then you need to give Smog Balls a whirl! Assorted Flavors: Lime Cherry Strawberry…



Washington Cherry Hard Candy Balls: 5LB Bag

Gourmet hard candies packed full of that wonderful Washington State cherry flavor! There are approximately 72 pieces per pound. Ball Diameter: 1/2 Inch Unit Price = $4.90/lb. Bag contains 5 pounds of Washington Cherry Candy Balls. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.



Dum Dums Pops: 1000-Piece Tub

As a kid you would remove the wrapper from a Dum Dum Pop, stick the tiny ball of flavor in your mouth and wonder, "How did this little sucker get its name?" It didn’t make you feel dumb; you could solve a Rubix Cube in less than 20 moves and knew the Square Root of Pi by heart. Well, it’s really…



Pink Princess Pinata

Princesses are super sweet, but have you ever wondered how they came to be this way? Well, we think have a pretty good guess -- their delightful demeanor is probably a direct result of the fact that they are filled with candy! You can test this theory out for yourself with this pretty pink piñata.…



Foiled Milk Chocolate Christmas Ornaments: 2LB Bag

Have you ever stared at those glistening round baubles hanging from the branches of your Christmas tree and wondered why you couldn’t just take a bite out of one? Do you find yourself gazing longingly at metal reindeer charms and plastic snowmen, wishing they were actually made of sugar? Well, this…



Red Candy Bar Table Assortment

…buffet at your next shindig! Candy assortment includes: (1) 5-Pound Bag of Petite Cherry Sassy Spheres Red Striped Hard Candy Balls (1) 5-Pound Bag of Cherry Chewy Sour Balls (3) 1-Pound Bags of Twizzlers Red Licorice Twists (1) 5-Pound Bag of Red Licorice Swirl Salt Water Taffy (1) 48-Piece Jar of…



Rock Candy Chewy Nuggets - Black Cherry: 4LB Tub

…and ship them off before they’ve reached their highest potential. You’re probably wondering what ripe cherries look like. You’ll know they’re ready when they’ve shrunken and hardened themselves into little black balls. And the flavor? It’s sweeter than a normal cherry because it’s been allowed to…



Wind-up Holiday Candy Poopers: 8-Piece Set

…with just any sort of excrement -- these friendly fellows are actually decorating the scene with delicious droppings of colorful round candy balls! Now you can celebrate your holidays right with a big mouthful of snowman, penguin, or gingerbread poo! ‘Tis the season, right? (Just keep in mind…



Foiled Milk Chocolate Sports Balls - Tennis Balls: 5LB Bag

If you're like us, we bet you've never stopped to wonder why tennis balls are fuzzy. One reason for their furry functionality is that without it, the ball would be moving too fast for even the heaviest hitters to successfully return a serve. Another is that the extra friction the fuzziness provides…



Lindt Chocolate Giant Lindor Truffle

Discover the wonder of the Giant Lindor Chocolate Ball! The classic Lindor truffle design conceals 8.8 ounces of Lindor milk chocolates, the exquisite truffles featuring a delicate milk chocolate shell enrobing an irresistibly smooth milk chocolate center. Made in the USA. Shipping Weight ~ 3/4 lb.



Halloween Monster Jawbreakers On a Stick: 12-Piece Display

…dessert tables. Layers upon layers of long-lasting sweetness make each spherical wonder a delightful treat to savor well after Halloween night has passed. Sucker Specifications- Net Weight: 4.2 Ounces Ball Diameter: 2 Inches Total Length: 6.5 Inches Unit Price = $3.25/lollipop. Display box…



Brach's Fiesta Malted Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs - White: 20-Piece Bag

…filled with eggs and carrots and smiles! These ovular Malted Milk Balls are coated in a crispy white candy shell, speckled with light colors to look like miniature bird eggs. But unlike their avian counterparts, these little wonders are made of 100% pure candy goodness! Beneath that crunchy shell…


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