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Wrapped Hard Candy Ovals- White

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Wrapped Hard Candy Ovals - White - Pina Colada: 5LB Bag

…all white. And after receiving this five-pound bag of oval hard candies enrobed in white wrappers you’re 100% sure they do. It’s the succulent pina colada flavor they contain that makes you see the light. But don’t walk into it just yet. You’ve got five pounds to enjoy and perhaps fill up the candy



White Candy Buffet Kit: 25 to 50 Guests

Candy Tongs Candy: (1) 60-Piece Tub of White Pineapple Swipple Pops Petite Swirly Ripple Lollipops (1) 100-Piece Box of White Toasted Marshmallow Hard Candy Sticks (1) 5-Pound Bag of White Rock Candy Strings (1) 5-Pound Bag of White Candy Flowers (1) 5-Pound Bag of White Wrapped Hard Candy Ovals (1)…



Barnier Mini Mints Hard Candy: 1KG Bag

Refreshing mini hard candy ovals with a fabulous minty flavor! Each piece features an elegant blue and white wrapper design. There are approximately 300 pieces per pound. Mint Length: 3/4 Inch Unit Price = $22.50/lb. Bag contains 1 kilogram (~2.2 pounds) of Barnier Mini Mints Hard Candy. Made in…



Yellow Candy Buffet Kit: 25 to 50 Guests

…Plastic Candy Container - Large (2) Yellow Polka Dot Candy Bags - 25-Piece Pack (2) Yellow Plastic 4-Ounce Candy Scoop (1) Clear Plastic 6-Inch Candy Tongs Candy: (2) 24-Piece Jars of Yellow Lemon Squiggly Pops Petite Swirl Lollipops (1) 5-Pound Bag of Yellow Wrapped Hard Candy Ovals (1) 5-Pound…


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